Alt-Epistemological Summer Solstice Immigration Compendium

The timing of Trump’s “preemptive” announcement to keep would-be immigrant families together, signed yesterday, on the eve of Summer Solstice (6:07 AM today, June 21), when the Sun moves to 0°00 Cancer, sign of home and family, felt uncannily appropriate. For who among us wants to hurt children? Certainly nobody I know.

But it turns out this policy, of separating the children, is longstanding, and did not begin with Trump —




Killary and Obama hope no one remembers them saying “Just because your kid gets to America doesn’t mean they get to stay.”

— though, prior to yesterday’s announcement, Trump did order Sessions to enforce all existing laws regarding immigration.

Here’s an interesting detailed view of how one author, Rich Lowry, says the immigration process works now.

The truth about Separating Kids

And here are two views about the implications and context of this sudden Executive Announcement that seemed to surprise everybody, literally everybody.

First, Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who has a psychological, meta-linguistic, even metaphysical(?)  view of what just happened.

And finally, Douglas Gabriel of Aim4 truth, which views the announcement as another in a long list of Trump playing multi-D chess with his opponents, in this case baiting them, luring them into a corner, and then pouncing.



You’ve got to admit that this last view is the most interesting. But true? Who knows what’s true? Isn’t everything and nothing true from some perspective or other? Besides, ultimately, no “compendium” can be compelling. There’s always another context to reframe everything we think we have already figured out. Always. It’s never-ending. No ceiling on our capacity to imagine bigger worlds, bigger views, bigger so-called “truths,” and, if we’re not careful, go at each other’s throats with what we think we “know.”






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