All over the world, during this Holy Solstice Season, we the people are learning to breathe — and feel, and think — together

Image: Cave of the Hands.

Image: Cave of the Hands.

Reader Rose just sent me a post about Australia that echoes one I uncovered about Pakistan and India.

In both cases, it took a “terrorist” attack (who knows whose attack, really, or who put the “terrorists” up to it. We are, understandably, at this point, not at all inclined to believe the MSM. See “What If?” below).

When will we learn to breathe together without horrific violence to administer the shock that restarts humanity’s collective heart?

Australians just showed the world exactly how to respond to terrorism


Peshawar school attack: Indians show solidarity with Pakistan following massacre

BTW: except for the “eye for an eye attitude” — has the author not yet learned that it “makes the whole world blind”? (Gandhi) — this is a fascinating post that describes just how much our collective mind is learning how to synchronize through the internet, how we now instantly tear holes in the cabal’s deeds and plans, right, left, and center. Imagine: the word “Matrix:” how, over just the past few years, we’ve lassooed that single word to denote the mind-controlled scrim that keeps us in check. Or it did. No longer. Or not much. Yes, what if?

What If?

Let’s all add our own what ifs during this holy season when, in the northern hemisphere, we descend ever deeper into the dark seeking the bottom of our souls, where all the seeds of our immensely fertile future lie, in wait, knowing we will come to get them, to bring them to the light, to scatter them far and wide, trusting this good Earth to water her own and pulse her life force both down into interweaving roots and up through stems and branches seeking the sun.



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