"Alien Invasion" false flag scenario heats up?

First, I see where Paul Krugman “jokes” (?) that a fake alien invasion would jumpstart the economy.


Next, I see this video by Michio Kaku. (Geez! Who does he work for? Did he “go to the dark side”? or has he just been an unusually effective apologist all along. Reminds me of Steven Hawking. Physicists pimp for the man.)

Please refer back to the blog post on Paris Tosen, who speaks of an alien invasion scenario planned for 9/9/11.

Should you need some background, watch one of the videos I posted earlier this year of Carol Rosin, who used to work in the aerospace industry. Back in 2001, at Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project‘s original press conference, Carol began to speak of “alien invasion” as the final card played by those who hunger for total control and domination through the polarization promoted by war.




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