ALERT! Required weekend reading . . .

I know you’re busy. It’s spring, and everything needs to happen at once out in the garden. Same here. And furthermore, I’ve got pressing GANA business as well as GANG, including a meeting that starts in ten minutes. However, both reader Rose and goldenagaofgaia alerted me early this morning to a remarkable document. I am 1/3 of the way through it, and plan to somehow squeeze it in over the weekend. Perhaps no more posts here until Monday.

This one man, Mark Gorton, a highly respected wall street guy, has through personal research over a period of seven years, managed to connect dots within the Deep State like no one else, identifying the amorphous, layered structure of the cabal, and the political and financial principals in various coups, plots, murders, cover-ups, etc. from JFK’s assasination on. May he and his young family live to tell more of the tale.

Spoiler Alert! The senior Bush seems to be running things. Which makes me think that he must cultivate his seemingly wimpish, bumbling persona.

Gorton’s narrative is both riveting and highly readable, despite the complexity. Pulled me along like a rushing river. I can’t wait to return to devour the rest of it.

The Astounding “Conspiracy Theories” of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton — JFK Death, the Cabal, 9/11


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