Albert Einstein: Another icon bites the dust?

I hadn’t noticed how much I admire(d?) Albert Einstein until I saw this video. Not just a plagiarist, apparently, but zionist. True?

Who else sits in the musty regions of my unconscious, shining his or her bright, and possibly false, light, shaping the way I see “reality”? Speaking of which, check this out:

What you know can affect how you see

And it’s not so much what you “know,” as, after all, who knows what real knowledge is? but it’s what you pay attention to. Both habitually and, upon habit as background, the “novelty” we pick up on. This becomes clear when we decide to buy, for example, a new car. For the first time in our lives, we’re thinking about buying a Prius. Suddenly, we see Priuses, everywhere! Or a Chevy Impala. Or whatever! Our attention organizes our perception, at least; and indeed, attention, held with intense, unwavering, and sustained focus, shapeshifts “reality,” swirling it to meet, mirror, and manifest our internal preoccupation.

But back to the matter at hand. Einstein. Possibly knocking him off his lofty perch. And with what consequences? I don’t think we realize how the fall of an icon can destabilize us, since we don’t realize, consciously, how our icons function as pillars to support us.

Oh that! Oh yeah, let’s look, for example, at pedophilia in high places. Check out the latest, in Pennsylvania: 50 priests accused. How long has it been since you, even you old (recovering?) Catholics like me saw a “priest” and assumed he was a person of integrity, even, perhaps, somewhat “holy”?

It’s time we dropped all outside pillars and planted our smelly feet on this holy ground, centered, aware, upright, clear-eyed, heads traversing the galaxies. Via rediceradio.



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  1. Amused Cat says:

    I watched a YouTube video – “The Truth about Gandhi” – Ouch – who knew? The versions of reality we are given always seem to have an agenda.

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