Alan Watts: On the Tao

Let us pause, in our incessant identification, analysis, and judgment of this opposed to that; let us pause and reflect on the underlying unitary fabric of the living, breathing, conscious universe.

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4 Responses to Alan Watts: On the Tao

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Another thinker helping to pull together the worlds of science and spirituality is Nassim Haramein in one of the great common language discussions explaining scientifically the Akashic (Universal Consciousness)

  2. Anthony says:

    Great video!

    In 2007 I participated in a weekend spiritual retreat led by Alan Watt’s daughter, Anne, who lives in Petaluma, CA. She also led a few Human Awareness Institute weekend retreats I attended at Harbin Hot Springs before their center burned down in the Middletown fires in 2017. A very good and knowledgeable person, and a very memorable time!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Tony! Thanks so much for the Paypal donation in honor of the scam I endured. Made my day! I will tell the full story, once I have more fully processed it internally.

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