AK Reader extended, i.e., Recapitulation Project: Two Examples

Besides committing to posting on exopermaculture just about every day, usually based on my responsiveness to what I see “going down” in the world at large, though at times focusing here at home, either inside myself, and/or telling various stories from Green Acres Permaculture Village — and at times combining all three foci in a multilevel discourse that leaves even me dizzy — I’m also involved on a daily basis with my multi-year long “Recapitulation Project,” to archive on Tendre Press (www.tendrepress.com) my entire lifelong written corpus (about 450 items in Excel sheet so far, most of them essays), starting with my 1972 Ph.D. dissertation. Tendre Press itself has been focused narrowly on my first and so-far only printed book, This Vast Being, for a number of years now. At some point within the next month or so I will be starting to upload this legacy archive of written material, both previously published and not, and will let you know when that begins.

Meanwhile, I offer you two examples of the kind of writing I was doing back in 1999, as the millennium was about to turn. Both Editorial and Essay are from issue #40 of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, a ground-breaking niche magazine I published for twelve years from 1989 to 2001.

On Questions and Answers in the New Millennium


By the way, I highly recommend some kind of recapitulation project for anyone “of advanced age” (I’m 78) who seeks to consciously comprehend more fully the entire expanse of her or his life. If you are like me, then you spent a number of years thinking about your life in this way:  “I was a complete fool — up until five minutes ago!” I do not exaggerate: this was my modus operandi for decades. Every once in a while I would have some kind of flashing eureka moment which would put all sorts of experiences into a brilliant new perspective. But never, until I began this recap project, did I begin to replace the usual habitual judgments against myself with compassion, appreciation, even astonishment!

Yes. It’s been extremely rewarding, to realize that I’ve been following my own soul’s call from the very beginning.

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