AK Reader E-book (posted as a series) BWIWD: Chapter Three, THE SET-UP, Scene 3

Note: BWIWD is short for BACK WHEN I WAS DYING. See posts from 12/09 and earlier today.

Chapter Three

THE SET-UP: Scene 3


I arrived home, sat down to collect my wits. What next? The phone rang. It was the E.R. doc. He wanted me to know, he said, that another radiologist had looked at the scan and noticed a nine-millimenter mass in the pancreas.

The pancreas?!

So, he finished, you need to get to an internist also, right away, and gave me another referral.

So now not only did I have cysts on my ovaries and a large mass in my uterus, I had a nine-millimeter mass in my pancreas. I turned on my laptop, googled “pancreatic mass,” and read that 85% of all pancreatic masses are “adenocarcinoma,” terminal within two weeks to two months.

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