After posting yesterday’s and this morning’s exhortations, both of which concern the value of working with others to co-create the new world,  I decided to share this essay, originally published in Celestial Navigations, #9, a subscriber-based, snail-mailed newletter where I shared reflections on current transits for astrological clients. The transit in question during late 2000 to early 2001 concerned strict, disciplined, goal-oriented, rule-bound Saturn in Taurus, the most earthy, stubborn, security-oriented earth sign, the one that signifies our values, and calls to us now during this annual Sun in Taurus time (almost done, today is 28° Taurus!) and especially during this seven year period (2019-2026) when eruptive Uranus transits through this sign. And, I’d say — wouldn’t you?— that it calls to us now, especially in 2020, thanks to Covid-19, when we are forced to begin to truly recognize what the Uranus in Taurus eruption in all our values actually portends.

I offer this particular AK Reader selection as a reflection on my way of working through a sudden eruption of feelings re: values which I had to process internally, and silently, for three whole weeks in order to get beyond a horribly stuck place. I imagine that during this worldwide Great Pause, the process of probing one’s own authentic value, both to self and society, has been a common, widely shared Covid-19 theme. For it’s only when we recognize our own intrinsic value, that we can create authentic connections with others; and only when we.enjoy authentic connections with others, can we even begin to co-create a transformed world.

I also offer this essay as a sample from my ongoing Recapitulation Project, wherein I am collecting all my old written work that is still of interest into an archive, to be offered eventually, as collections and e-books of various kinds, on a different website. In other words, this Recap Project (sometimes I call it my Decap Project . . .) is to become my “legacy.” It is also my discovery process; if I die before it is done, I will have enjoyed the unusual luxury (since most of my work involves personal stories) of looking back, taking myself apart, and putting myself together again, one more time, CHANGED. Because that’s what happens any time we consciously review various space/time arcs within our own lives. We change. And change is the essence of life on our dear Mother Earth.

The Excel spreadsheet I’ve created for this massive project now has 320 entries, all essays both published and unpublished, and I’m nowhere near done. I’ve had to retype about half of them. This is a multi-year project — hopefully completed by the time Uranus moves into Gemini!

BTW: what I refer to in this essay as the  “primary given” is now what we term “individual sovereignty.” I was exploring the implications, over 40 years ago, and then writing about it 20 years ago, of what this culture is beginning to recognize now.

Here’s an excerpt:

Meanwhile, David sits across from me, watching me struggle to control the play of feelings across my face. He is waiting for my response. But I have no words. All I have are these terrifying, inexplicable feelings.

Then suddenly, my body takes over, propels me up from the [restaurant] table, pulls on my coat, and marches me three miles home in flimsy shoes in a raging blizzard.

Saturn in Taurus, One More Time



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