Afternoon of Day Nine, “12 Days of Christmas” 2012: tumultuous skies, Draco, Serpent Mound, the Year of the Dragon

Update: Year of dragon actually year of snake, with 2012 year of dragon and 2013 year of snake? . . . See comment below.

Ommigod. It’s so damn dark, forbidding, grey, windy, squally, tumultuous, turbulent, out there. Outside. Puppy Shadow and I just went out for our walk. Came back exhilarated. This is just the weather I love the most, weather that both states and heralds vast change. Draco. Draco? DRACO.


Draco Pounding Midwest, Northeast Next


This is the first time I realized that we are now naming winter storms. Who thought up that name? Is Draco one of those HAARP designed or steered storms? Scheduled to hit right during 12.21.12?

draco01Here’s a website that talks about the circumpolar constellation Draco the Dragon.

(By the way, from Earth’s point of view, circumpolar stars never set . . .)

What especially struck me about the myths described on this website was the one about the Ohio Serpent Mound as being made in the shape of Draco the Dragon! This struck me because the man with whom I went to visit Serpent Mound for the first time a few years ago, is again going to accompany me to see the Angel Mounds on December 23, the final day of this 12 day series. Tomorrow, early, a few of us will actually manage to rise before dark, drive out to a godforsaken place, and climb up cold, windy Browning Mountain for a sunrise ceremony. Browning Mountain is another ancient site. Somehow, these ancient earthworks figure strongly during this 12-day period, at least for me.

Aha, just discovered another connection! 2013 is the Year of the Dragon! Let us all breathe in Draco/Dragon qualities. We’re going to need ’em as we continue to excavate ourselves from the nearly defunct plans of the 1%.


Chinese Year of the Dragon 2013


“In Chinese culture, the dragon is a revered special creature.

“The dragon is found in ancient Chinese writing, drama and art. The Chinese dragon is found both in the Buddhist and Taoist religions of China.

“Indeed, the Han Chinese people are known as the “descendants of the dragon”.

“The Chinese dragon symbolises all the desirable qualities in a person –powerful, dynamic, energetic and vibrant!

“And so in Chinese astrology dragon people have all the qualities to be successful.

In Chinese astrology, the dragon person is powerful, vigorous and resolute.”

Year of the Dragon
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3 Responses to Afternoon of Day Nine, “12 Days of Christmas” 2012: tumultuous skies, Draco, Serpent Mound, the Year of the Dragon

  1. AL says:

    2012 is/was the year of the dragon. 2013 is the year of the snake.

    Following and completing 2012’s unpredictable yang Dragon year, 2013’s sensual yin Snake year will complete the life palace of spirituality.The Water Snake year brings with it, cosmic awareness, sage spirituality, and integration with your Source, Maker or Spirit.

    2013 Year of the Water Snake
    February 10, 2013 through January 30, 2014

  2. AL says:

    It sounds like the snake year will continue the powerful dragon year energy, but with a lot less intensity.

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