new documentary, "Solving the Mystery of TC7"

There are so very many stories coming out now about the secret machinations of the powers-that-were. In this century, 9/11 is the most glaring example, and the 1536 Architects and Engineers at now launch their new documentary on the subject. Here’s the trailer:

The point is, if the official story of 9/11 isn’t real, if thousands of people on that day were deliberately killed, then what else are those who did that deed capable of? Once we wrap our minds around the idea that 9/11 was, somehow, an inside job, we break the masterful media, governmental, educational, and “scientific,” mind-control corporate programming that has held us in its thrall and enabled what is most likely a small coterie of people sadly disconnected from the love that powers the universe to attempt to dominate, control, and ravage both the living Earth and all species that call her home.

Truth is power. Wake up.


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