Adbusters throws down the gauntlet. Again. “Dare to dance without knowing the next step. And then take that next step with others.”

If you recall, it was Adbusters’ original call in July 2011 that lit the match and ignited Occupy at Zuccotti Park in New York City two months later. Every once in awhile they zing out another shot in the dark. This one really slammed into me. Love their use of language, and their stark warning to “get off our asses. . . there are no more bystanders at this point in the game.”

Here’s the first part:

Racing Towards a Global Spring

Quest for a New Way of Being.

June 4, 2013


Athens. Barcelona. Tunis. Cairo. Tripoli. Sana’a. Santiago. Bahrain. Wisconsin. Yo Soy 132. Indigandos. Red Square. #OccupyWallStreet. Pussy Riot. Blockupy. Damascus. #IdleNoMore … Istanbul.

What can we learn from the beating heart of Gezi Park, the blood soaked Taksim concrete, the barricades of Besiktas? One thing: the dream of a Global Spring is not dead. It is still in its infancy, kicking and screaming.

Look around! This is what democracy looks like. The future is being built as we speak. What will it be? Singularity, or Nightfall? A sane sustainable future or a 1000 year Dark Age?

Dare to dance without knowing the next step. And then take that step with others. Beijing, you’re next. London, Moscow, Delhi and Ottawa. Then … we retake New York.

As the second anniversary of Occupy approaches, the indignation, the precarity, the gnawing feeling that life under corpo-capitalism is a dead-end –and that the future it leads to does not compute – is culminating into some kind of global big bang. The world as we know it must burst. The call is out for a new way of being … and it is being heard. A chain reaction of refusal against corpo-capitalism is underway. The global insurrectionary pulse is going steady, and now, racing forward.

There are no more bystanders at this point in the game. Let’s get off our asses and pitch in to build this new world.

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