ACB confirmed on HRC’s birthday . . .

Karma’s a bitch, eh?

For Amy Coney Barrett’s chart see this:

Notes on Amy Coney Barrett’s astrology: Is she “up” for next week’s nomination drama?

The soul of Hillary Clinton chose to be born October 26, 1947, at 8:02 AM, in Chicago, Illinois, destined to develop a personality that featured the intensely difficult configuration shown below by the planets linked to each other in red (Saturn/Mars/Pluto closely conjunct in Leo and square Venus/Mercury/Ascendant in Scorpio), all fueled by the Sun, also in Scorpio, and hiding in the 12th house.

Since Hillary seems to refuse to learn the lessons imposed by this 90° fixed cross square between selfish, willful, narcissistic Leo which demands to be the center of attention, and therefore must learn to creatively express the self without attachment to results, and secretive Scorpio, which revels in and demands power, and which therefore must learn to let go of power over and over again  in order to transcend desire — life circumstances will do it for her, over and over and over again.

This particular conjunction, between her birthday and the Amy Coney Barrett nomination as Associated Justice of the Supreme Court, must feel particularly onerous.


Oh but wait! Is Hillary even alive? Or has she already been gitmoed, and what we see, are her doubles and clones, acting their prescribed role. I sense the latter. All part of the movie, as Q reminds us. Enjoy the show.



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