About Saint, oops, I mean Pope Francis

Just FYI: I keep seeing new posts about our newly sainted Pope Francis, like this one:

Why Pope Francis Worries the Rich – and Why They’re Threatening Him

— and you know what? These stories make me barf. Remember, he’s a Jesuit, and very good at dissembling.

Until this Pope starts to give away the enormous wealth held in the Vatican Bank to the poor of the world, I won’t believe a word he says about how fat cats should give their wealth to the poor of the world.

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  1. rose day says:

    Golden Age of Gaia is promoting a most worthwhile petition regarding 2014 truth from world leaders. A great place to start would be the Vatican.

    Pope Francis is championing a world-wide renunciation of wealth while the Vatican Bank is
    purportedly one of the wealthiest financial institutions in the world…does seem a bit ironic.

    The Pope is a marvelous communicator…a true ‘media’ darling. (His approval rating is off
    the chart, rendering serious inquiry into church malfeasance ‘unpopular’ at this time.)

    This brilliant Machiavellian manipulation of the masses makes it easy to understand how the
    Church maintains a firm grip on a large portion of the world population.

    Although the situation is a bit discouraging as many appeared to be ‘awakening’, I’ll share a
    personal up-beat observation…every journey begins with that first step and the lesson herein
    is an honoring of patience in the process.

  2. Jamie says:

    This is a game. A distraction for the masses to continually place their hope in someone else doing the work that is theirs to do. Sort of like placing all that responsibility on Jesus to save the world….how….unfair. How infantile. This IS what religion is all about after all; Creating emotional dependents.
    During a conversation with my ex husband ( father to my four sons ) I said to him that he should be a better example to his sons and he replied, ” Every night when I go to bed I ask gOd to make me a better man”. He was raised a Catholic but I doubt it would have made a difference if he were raised Baptist or Presbyterian, the lack of self responsibility would still be absent in his emotional response to living this life: It is someone else’s responsibility to make him a better person.

    Distractions, distractions, distractions are all that I see at this time.

    • Great personal story to illustrate what’s going on and has been going on for what, 2000, or is it 6000 years? I could feel your ex-husband’s stuckness in the way you tell it. Yuck! Poor guy.

      • Jamie says:

        I think it more like 13,000+ years, Ann. I encourage everyone, with the ability to read print, purchase a copy of the 12th Planet….as well as Michael Tellinger’s ‘Slave Species’ which expands Sitchin’s work. I also recommend the recently departed Lloyd Pye’s book, ‘Everything You Know is Wrong’ and Michael Cremo’s work, ‘Forbidden Archeology’.
        Oh, and how could I forget ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Erich von Daniken?

        Yes, I feel pity…and sometimes utter contempt…. for those who refuse to be responsible for what they put into their minds, bodies and hearts, but, I also feel the same contempt for myself so this keeps me continually moving out of my self induced ‘coma’ of comfort. I find no comfort in this world and it has always been my job to make it known to others. Just a shame that so many find little corners of comfort and quiet repose.

        After finishing the 12th Planet I had an enormous epiphany, Ann. I realized that this Jesus person was an incarnated Annunaki ( this is why he continually speaks of his “father’s” house/mansion/bus/trailer/abode, etc., etc.,. Anu was/is the ruler, chief, king, despot, emperor, of the 12th Planet, after all . ) who most probably was this Enki figure in the Sumerian archives. Anu appears to be the “God” that everyone on Earth prays to and the “father” of Jesus/Enki/Enlil. Perhaps Jesus was an incarnated demi-god? An hybrid? I am not sure on this theory yet but what I am sure of is that “god” resembles closely this Anu character written of in the Sumerian story. There are some clues to the identity of Christ in these auspicious images: http://www.sanandaseagles.com/pages/spacecraft_in_art.html

        What if everyone read the same books? And, after reading these books, realized that religion is a scam; a means of emotional manipulation to keep them from becoming autonomous….as well as self responsible for what they create?

        What would this world look like then?

        I think there would be no “followers”, no “worshippers”, no misogyny, no prejudice, no “wars”, no sexism, no racism, no genocide, no hedonism, etc., etc., etc..
        No bowing and scraping to “monarchs” or political and “spiritual” leaders…no deference paid to souls who gravitate towards offices of power and emotional manipulation.

        The world that has always lived within me, even as a child, is one in which a child is safe to run through a field of daisies, or, more importantly, have a voice in creating a world. I can literally see a world of souls that are caring, generous,and self responsible! I can envision communities of souls who put creation ( and children are creation ) before their self centered desires ( and are desires created by those in power? Probably.)
        I can see such an intelligent world designed around the inherent needs of the evolving soul.

        When this last onion layer is peeled back, Ann, I do think there will be a loud peal of thunder….or, complete and utter silence. I am leaning towards the latter because the more that I read and understand the quieter my soul becomes. 🙂 I know truth when I hear it!

        Onwards and Upwards we grow……

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