ABC in cahoots with CBS re: Rorbach “hot mic” Epstein tape?

So. I discover today that whoever blew the whistle to Project Veritas about the Amy Rorbach tape at ABC was just fired from CBS, where he had been recently hired and, when ABC told CBS about him, CBS fired him. Which just goes to show how very much the various branches of the monolithic MSM collude to channel “the narrative” in a certain direction. Not only do all branches of the six corporations get their 4 am drops to tell them what to say, but they protect each other rather than compete with each other. Trying to keep us brainwashed is even more important than ratings!  This is not a capitalism but dictatorship.

Update: Epstein Source Targeted by ABC, Fired from New Job at CBS?

Hey, and here’s Nancy, telling us how Congress does “wrap up smears.” Get the picture? The Congressional Media Industrial Complex, hard at work to fry our brains.

Re: the “impeachment” fiasco, here’s a little twitter humor. Hope it helps.

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