Abby Martin, On the complex, conflicting relationship between Israel and Palestine

Last August, having just returned from a month in Israel and Palestine, where she witnessed excruciating violence, as well as the cognitive dissonance of even Israelis who realize that Palestinians are “treated like animals,” Abby points out the fact that Israel was carved out of the homeland of Middle Eastern Arabs, including Palestinians, and continues to expand through illegal settlements, was an “insane” idea in the first place. “Why the Middle East? Why didn’t they carve out a place in  . . . Australia?”

To Joe Rogan’s question (I paraphrase here): “Why is the U.S. joined at the hip with Israel?” she answers, instantly, “I don’t know,” but then tries to think up an answer.

That’s the question I’ve had for decades. Why does the U.S. treat Israel so differently than any other nation? As if Israel can do no wrong; or, if it can do wrong, then we are bound to do its bidding, no matter what the cost.

All of which puts the question of Trump’s son-in-law  Jared Kushner, who has a strong connection to Israel, front and center. Interesting that Trump says General Kelly will decide on the matter of Kushner’s security clearance.

According to Abby Martin Kushner’s family has financial interests in some of the West Bank Israeli settlements.

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