A primer on the brain: from thinking, to doing, to being

This valuable video shows the mechanics of how awareness — or “metacognition” — shifts everything, allowing you to continue to grow, to expand, to integrate with larger and larger dimensions of the multiverse.

So. Want new experiences? Move into awareness (being) — over and over again. Hundreds of times a day, if necessary, as old ideas continue to fly in and their emotional correlates grab your body, setting it on edge with tension. Yet each time you move into conscious awareness of an idea, it dissolves — into spaciousness, being.

Want to stay stuck? Refuse to notice how you continue to clutch — as if your life depended on it! — how stressful! to have to continually “defend”! — your current “belief system” and its emotional correlates of comfort, smugness, and pretended security that mask inner contradiction and keep you locked in a mental prison of your (and the culture’s) own making.

The three brains of change

May 12, 2012

by Joe Dispenza

TedXTacoma via ecobuddhism.org

Change requires becoming aware, then deciding how you no longer want to be. It’s all about expansion, breaking the habit of your old self and reinventing a new self. This decision to no longer think, act or feel in predictable ways requires pruning synaptic connections and sprouting new ones. It requires un-memorizing emotional states that have become part of our personality, and reconditioning our body to new emotions and a new mind.

Neuroscience has identified three brains that allow us to go from thinking todoing to being. The thinking brain is the neocortex. The second is the limbic oremotional brain. When we modify behavior, we teach the body emotionally what was intellectually understood. Then we attain embodied knowledge.

When we repeat embodied knowledge over and over again, the body comes to know as well as the brain. We move into a state of being. We activate a third brain, the memory center called the cerebellum, the seat of our subconscious mind. We have practiced so many times, we no longer have to think about it. This is the process of lasting transformation that goes from thinking to doing to being.

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