A.K. Reader: Final Column for Crone Magazine (2012)

flowerIn this third archival offering for the new A.K. Reader page, I share my final column for Crone Magazine, again in pdf format, as it appeared in the pages of the magazine. This column details my herstory with the archetype of the Crone and how she penetrated my being, impelled me into action, and dominated my life for twelve long years — and beyond. And I do mean “dominate”! Not sure whether that’s the nature of Crone or the nature of archetypes, but I was ruled from within by the dynamic relationship with this powerful “entity,” both perils and promise, not to mention passion! Quite a ride.


Frankly, I’m glad it’s over!

Here it is: sw81 5557kreilkamp

About Ann Kreilkamp

PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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  1. Pamela says:

    Great article, Ann.
    And I have loved that picture of you since the first time I saw it years ago in Sage Woman. I said then, “Now, there’s somebody I should know (or maybe know already)!” Blessings.

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