My 74th birthday saga, with PHOTOS

I’ve been off-line for two days, December 18, my solar return (the day when the sun returned to the exact same degree of my birth 27°00 Sagittarius), and December 19, the day I was actually born, 74 years ago!

Here’s the solar return chart.

Notice that Saturn at 19° Sagittarius sits just behind the the Ascendant, near the 27° Sun, in a fiery grand harmonious trine with Moon (26° Leo) and Uranus/Eris, sextile and trine to Jupiter (19° Libra) and Uranus/Eris (20° Aries) which oppose each other and square Pluto (16° Capricorn) which is conjunct Mercury! The Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus/Eris/Pluto combination is long term, here for all of us as the deep background that informs much of 2017. This integrated, and forceful planetary configuration makes for a fascinating combination. The sternness and focus of Saturn assisting to harmonize extreme unpredictability (Uranus/Eris) and expansiveness (Jupiter) that is undermining the existing order (Pluto/Mercury).

And for me, Saturn (being so close to Sun and Ascendant on solar return day) will utterly dominate this next year. No wonder I feel moved to organize my life! No wonder I feel determined, disciplined, focused — and all the while inviting in the continuous edge of surprise and powerful tectonic shifting!

How often do we have the opportunity to advance big changes while continuously centering ourselves as we work with the exciting unknown to overturn longstanding structural inequality and separation?

This is the time. This is OUR time. All of us, as unique skilled individuals, moving together in common purpose to ignite massive change that will undo the old order in the interests of — at least as far as I’m concerned — extreme decentralization, each of us as individuals and in our groups, focusing our activist efforts here, at home, wherever we are planted.

Look around you. What needs to be done? Inside your self,  your household, your neighborhood, your community? Do that. Be that. Show the way by example. 

So, with Saturn working my solar return chart, it felt good to intentionally let go of the internet, which I use to nurse my lifelong obsessively global focus, for two whole days! And during these two days, to concentrate here, look “from close to” at what I have created, what I no longer need, what remains to be done; go through all my “stuff” and re-organize before this year ends. This is a massive project — I am to handle, one at a time, absolutely everything I “own” and either discard, dust, cleanse, rearrange, or at least look at in wonder (now where did that come from? or: why haven’t I read that book yet? as I stack it atop others next to the bed — or: wow! I didn’t realize I had one of these, when did I get it? — a solar charger for the phone — oh yes, I remember!) on and on. It’s been an extraordinary two days. The first, solar return day, I took five full hours to refresh my altar area with surrounding shelving:


That process included cleansing all my crystals, by putting them in a bowl covered in salt water for 24 hours.

I’m still at it.

But must stop now, to go out on the patio and help podmates Rebecca and Brie clean the place up for our Solstice Ceremony and Celebration (potluck, eggnog with candlelit garden tour, bonfire with ceremony, gift exchange, and dancing, music — all with children! Starts at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow evening, if you’re local — come!).

I’m also in the middle of a project of looking through old journals from the early ’80s and early ’90s, and surprised to see how lucid they are regarding my internal process. Grateful for that aspect of me that has been devoted to the task of processing personal experience all along the way. And interested also to realize that for the last seven years or so, I have not needed to keep a journal, except sporadically. What I have integrated in myself, I am now externalizing into the Green Acres Village, with like-minded others. And, we are happy to announce that we are adding a third house to the pod, closing on the purchase soon! More on that in one week.

Yes, this is very much a building time for me. Building a new, experimental, permaculture template for suburban connectivity, regeneration, and resilience, among all our relations, to include only each other, but Mother Earth and the vast Cosmos in which Earth is embedded.

But first, a little peep show: among other photos I unearthed over this two day period, here’s yours truly, undressing (can’t remember where or when or why, probably to get into a hot springs somewhere out west), sometime in my 30s. Zowie!






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