5 week trip, day two: SF AIDs garden, and a few from Hopland

Yesterday early morning, went to see the AIDS garden in Golden Gate Park. Then, at 10 A.M started north on Highway 101, and took a few photos at the Solar Living Center, where the Permaculture Convergence is being held. Hopefully many more today and the next few days.

San Francisco, the walk there from 22nd Avenue:

sculpted-tree some-kind-of-succulent wall-flowers bougainvilla


The wonderful, contemplative AIDS Memorial:

sign the-walk-down memorial-rock paper-hangings path names names-2    stones-piled sun-dappled

First impressions of the North American Permaculture Convergence: very well organized, inclusive, differentiated, and integrated, all three! Wonderful food. Glorious place, despite being on the very edge of Highway 101. In fact you have to park your car on the other side, and then walk underneath the highway to get there. Very creative land use!

I sent this pic to my pod mates. Let’s refresh our garden gate!


The altar in front of the main stage:


The map. A wonderfully curvilinear place.

mapMany different building styles demonstrated, even a circular room made out of living bamboo!

More today.

This morning I participate in a forum with two others on “Resilient Communities” in the yurt, which of course, reminds me of home sweet home in the Tetons back in the day. Yesterday I sat in on a forum on zoning laws and ecovillages in that yurt, very interesting discussion, despite trucks rumbling by just outside. My experience, that city officials are people too, was very much echoed there. If we hope to change existing laws to favor commons and other shared spaces in a country which has so long prioritized individualism and private property, then it’s our job to politely and patiently build relationships with relevant city and county departments.

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2 Responses to 5 week trip, day two: SF AIDs garden, and a few from Hopland

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hi, Ann, per your final paragraph:

    You may want to forward this link to your podmates so they can begin to follow Steve Volan’s new blog, Councilmanic: http://councilmanic.us/ “Demystifying Municipal Government One Town at a Time (Beginning With the Modest City of Bloomington, IN USA)

    Cheers, and thanks!

  2. Jean Hopkins says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ‘walk’ through the AIDS garden. If it was there before 1994 my brother might have walked there. The AIDS march in Burlington VT is this Sunday.

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