2010 UFO Congress, Joan Bird reports: Wendelle Stevens, The Gorbachev Contacts

Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (USAF (Ret.), a legendary UFO expert and the lead investigator for the still-ongoing Billy Meier case in Switzerland, died on September 7, 2010, in Tuscon, Arizona. Revered as one of the grand old men at the UFO Congresses, I remember his 2010 talk as both startling and provocative. — A.K.

Wendelle graduated from the Lockheed Aircraft Maintenance and Repair School Aviation Cadet Training, and Fighter Pilot Advanced Training in the Army Air Corps. He then attended the Flight Test Pilot School at Kelly Field where he learned to fly all the Army Air Corp inventory at the time, as well as a few Navy aircraft.

During his long career, one of his assignments was to supervise a highly classified team of technical specialists who installed hi-tech data collecting equipment that photographed and mapped every inch of the Arctic, land and sea area shortly after WWII. The equipment was designed to capture, record and analyze all EMF emissions in the Arctic, to photograph all anomalous phenomena and to record all disturbances in the electrical and engine systems of the aircraft, looking for external influences caused by UFOs. The data was then couriered nightly to Washington. He also served as an Air Attache in South America. Convinced of the reality and importance of the UFO phenomenon, but unable to possess any of this information for himself, Stevens began his own research and data collection effort.

Wendelle had the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He also had one of the largest private collections of UFO books from around the world. His archive was recently sold to Open Minds.

Wendelle personally researched many contact cases, and held an impressive collection of detailed reports on long-term contact cases with different ET civilizations, written by himself and/or the contactees. The reports include descriptions of other planetary civilizations, lists of star systems containing inhabited planets, and the stage of their evolutionary development. Many of these extensive contactee accounts are available as books, or as computer CD files. I am familiar with a couple of them, and do not believe they can be dismissed as fiction, mental illness or hoaxes. I believe his research is the beginning of the study of Galactic anthropology (ethology? sociology?). It took me some years to realize the extent of what Wendelle has done in his life, and the legacy he is leaving to the world. Wendelle is 85, I believe, and has health issues, so I’m not sure how long he’ll be with us.

Wendelle prerecorded his presentation at the conference, since he was not sure he could get through it without his oxygen tank. He spoke fast, and was not always easy to understand. I have done my best to render the gist of his talk, but my summary may not be completely accurate.


Wendelle began by recalling an Arizona paper reporting in 1989 that the KGB had captured a UFO, though he was unable to track down the article at a later date. Wendelle reported (I do not know if this article was the source for this information) that a 9′ tall being in a red suit, who spoke the local Russian dialect, said his name was Boraneg, and requested to speak with a leader. The mayor came out to meet him, but a KGB truck also arrived on the scene and arrested him. The alien went without resistance. After the truck left, 2 more aliens in silver suits got out of the craft, and then returned to the craft and took off. All of these beings had a 3rd eye in the center of the forehead.

A few days later, there was another landing in the town square before 400 witnesses, many of them children. All the occupants of the craft spoke perfect local Russian. Within the hour, the KGB truck came back with the first fellow and released him. He returned to the ship and it took off. In looking for some affirmation of this story, I found a site that talks about a series of encounters in l989 in a park in the city of Voronzeh, situated around 300 miles south of Moscow. This report seems to match some of what Wendelle said about this series of events.

Gorbachev’s Indigo Child

According to Wendelle, there is a book entitled “Aldes” by an Argentinian author named Pedro Romniac (sp?), a well known South American UFO researcher with 18 published books. I tried to get the correct spelling from Wendelle by email, and have tried a number of google searches, all without success. Open Minds magazine features an interview with Wendelle in every issue, so I hope to see it published there. Maybe one of you knows of this author. Wendelle says he has verified that Romniac did stay with the Gorbachev family for two weeks, though he has not yet been able to get verification of the story from Gorbachev. The following information is from Romniac’s book.

The boy Aldes was born in in Moscow, reportedly an easy painless birth, though he weighed 10 pounds. His mother Raisa said his name came to her. (The mainstream press says Gorbachev and Raisa had only one child, daughter Irina.) Aldes walked at 10 months, was talking in complete sentences by the end of his first year. When he was 2 years old, he fell down the stairs and was unconscious for 3 hours. When he came to, he said he was with his brothers. At 5 years he could read and write in other languages. He talked about his brothers who lived in a place where there was no war. He said they decided that one of their scientists needed to go to Earth, to where great power was controlled by a single man. The volunteer needed to be selfless. Gorbachev was elected through a strange series of circumstances. The most logical next contender was out of Moscow on an extended trip, and there was an urgent need to appoint a leader, so Gorbachev was elected by the Party leaders. At this time, Aldes was fluent in 5 languages, and was also able to read minds. He explained reincarnation to his parents.

In March, ’85, Gorbachev went on retreat in Siberia. He saw a pinkish orange blinking light that materialized as a solid metallic sphere 21′ in diameter. A giant 3 m. tall man emerged with high gold boots and a gold circle with a blue triangle on the breast. He told Gorbachev, “We come in peace, so you won’t destroy yourselves, as you did 25,000 years ago.” (There are indications of nuclear weapon use in ancient history in Pakistan and India. Some believe the Mahabarata is a tale of that disaster.) They came from ?Alcyon? in the Pleiades, and told Gorbachev it was important for government to be more transparent and respectful of individual rights. Gorbachev came back from that trip and introduced Glasnost – more transparency, a multi-party system and democratic elections – and Perestroika – restored property rights.

Aldes told his mother he had met Dick Scobey, one of the American astronauts who died in the January ’86 Challenger crash. He told her Scobee still lived, and that all was well. Aldes had many messages from Scobee.

After 3 or 4 visits to the leaders’ retreat in Siberia, Aldes begged to visit a favorite family ski resort. While there with his father, he explained who he was, why he was there, that his mission was complete, and he would be leaving soon. Soon after, he and his mother flew back to the same ski resort by helicopter. He asked security to let them alone for 3 days. While there, he told her the same information he told his father, and then put her in a quiet meditative state. He then took her with him to visit the planet Alcyone, his home planet, presumable in an out-of-body state. Shortly after these final trips with his parents, Aldes disappeared. He was 16.

I find this story incredible, but not totally unbelievable. In the book, “The Nine, Briefing From Deep Space” by Stuart Holroyd, there are similar stories of intervention by off- planet beings during the Middle East Crisis in Nov-Dec of 1974. While there seem to be cosmic laws about non-interference (the Prime Directive), perhaps there are cases where intervention is allowed if humans are open to guidance, and they perform the actions. One researcher at the Congress said many ETs come here essentially as missionaries, to try to help relieve suffering, and to try to keep us from destroying ourselves and the great biodiversity on the planet. Some, at least, are motivated by compassion, much as we are motivated to offer aid to those in need.

Nazis in South America and Antarctica
In this section, Wendelle drew from Jan van Helsing’s book, “Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century.” Bill McIlhany in his article, “Review: Conspiracy Books to be Avoided,” criticizes van Helsing’s information sources. However, he also scoffs at the idea of UFOs, so he has some blind spots. Because Wendelle is widely read and experienced in this subject, I tend to trust his judgment in citing van Helsing. However, McIlhany has some good tips for sorting through the conspiracy literature, what constitutes good documentation, and seems to concur that strong evidence exists for the “Master conspiracy thesis”.

Van Helsing visited Colania Dignidad, a German settlement in Chile near the border, where there are accounts of collusion with Pinochet and his atrocities against political dissenters. Nearby are extensive cavern systems, large enough for continuation of the Nazi research on anti-gravity spacecraft (Kugelblitz), which a number of sources maintain the Germans had at the end of the WWII. Wendelle says they had 2 discs that could fly, and 9 factories working on them. Other researchers agree they had flying saucers, but with limited military use.

New Berlin is the capitol of New Schwabenland in Antarctica, according to a young man who claimed to be from this colony. It was populated by 60,000 troops after the war and reputed to now have 300,000 people living in underground self-sufficient facilities. This source told van Helsing that about 1/4 of the residents are aliens living side by side with the Germans. Twenty thousand each of the best “Aryan stock” women and men were brought to the colony after the war, to continue the Nazi breeding program. Germany sent Rudolph Hess to England to negotiate the end of the war, and perhaps safe passage or at least a blind eye for a limited evacuation.

Wendelle says that he flew in the Arctic after WWII, and had many sightings of UFOs flying, as well as emerging from and entering water. They seemed to be constructed of material that repels water with a force field. He says they fly underwater with less friction and more speed than in air.

Googling “New Schwabenland” I found a site discussing the possible existence of this German underground base in Antartica. I find the evidence compelling, though it’s certainly not widely accepted.

Here are some passages from that site that support Wendelle’s claims.

“After the war was over, the Allies concluded over 250,000 Germans were unaccounted for – likely casualties of war included. Most of those were either scientists, engineers, of members of the SS.

“Several U-Boat submarines were missing, including several of the state-of-the-art ocean-going Type XXIII U-Boats. Most notably, the U-977 and the U-530 sailed for open sea, shortly before the war officially ended. The U-977 surrendered in Argentina months later, the submarine completely empty except for its crew. The U-530 was never seen again.

“Following the second world war, the United States launched Operation High Jump under command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1947, the world on the brink of the Cold War. The expedition consisted of thirteen ships, two seaplane tenders, an aircraft carrier, twelve other aircraft, six helicopters, and a force of 4000 men. Its cover mission was that of mapping the entire Antarctic coastline, of which they took 70,000 aerial photographs.

“Immediately following the US Antarctic Expedition Operation High Jump, the following appeared in ‘El Mercurio’ of Santiago, Chile on 5 March 1947 under the headline ‘On Board Mount Olympus on the High Seas’ quoting Admiral Byrd in an interview with Lee van Atta:

“‘Admiral Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the US to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he did not want to frighten anyone unduly but it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental US would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.’

“Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view to a news conference held for International News Service.”

In his archive, there is a DVD of Wendelle exploring the original archive footage of the expedition. According to Wendelle, the true purpose of the American command was to eliminate the Nazi presence in Antarctica, but the High Jump naval armada was forced back prematurely to the United States in February 1947, without sufficient explanation. I do not know if the l957 date below is a misprint, or when the official report was released.

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