2010 Congress, Joan Bird reports: Don Ware: Sharing Earth with Various Intelligent Species

Lt. Col Donald Ware (USAF Ret.), a nuclear engineer, has studied UFOs since he saw seven alien vehicles over Washington DC in l952. (There were hundreds if not thousands of witnesses of this mass sighting.) He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke and MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Don served as a fighter pilot, staff scientist, test manager, and teacher before retiring from the military in 1972. He has been a state and regional MUFON director, and is a Director of the UFO Congress. He is on the advisory board of the Exopolitics Institute trying to move interaction with those from other planets to an unclassified level below that of MJ-12. His search for truth has led to physical, mental, and spiritual interactions with the larger reality represented by the alien presence.

Don Ware suggested that truth seekers need to have a large mental “Hold” basket. There are many things in his talk I have to put in that basket. He is an interesting man, clean cut, dapper, often wearing his “signature” teal green sport jacket. He is amazingly well read and experienced in multi-dimensional realities, and he is also an avid and accomplished birder, active in leadership in his local Audubon chapter. I don’t know how he does it all. Don is outgoing, always willing to share information, and often engages newcomers. He is one of the “elders” of the UFO Congress.

Don’s Reality
• Angels and aliens are eternal spiritual beings
• God is all that is; universal consciousness.
• We are all divine beings; there is a piece of the universal Father in each of us. (We have to forgive this generation the use of non-inclusive language.)
• I am an eternal spiritual being, which is a good thing. Long path makes it easier to overcome fear and anger.
• Intelligent life is abundant out there, usually of a higher vibration not in our perceptual range.

Don notes that the human mind is like an open book for nearly every ET species he knows about.

Don finds the Oahspe Bible is useful in understanding how exceptions to the Law of Non- Interference come about. The Urantia Book has been another important source for Don in understanding the reality of the larger universe.

Don says there is more information about ETs and UFOs in the public domain than anyone could assimilate in a lifetime. Disclosure is happening and has been happening for a long time. Just not in the form of a presidential announcement.

He believes two controversial “leaked” classified projects are real:

Project Serpo: He suggests visiting www.serpo.org, which reports we sent 12 people to Zeta Reticuli in l965. He said to at least read “27a” on the website, Bill Casey’s all day briefing of President Reagan in March, ’81. (I visited the site and read 27a. Mind boggling. I also read the Intro on the information source. The UFO community is not 100% sure it’s not a hoax.

Project Solar Warden: a human-operated Earth-based space fleet that flies to the moon, Mars, and other places, maybe Europa. Don says we established the first underground manned base on Mars in l963.

On Jan 28, l982, Don awoke at 2 am and saw a video screen with 2 sentences on it.
“Unconditional love is becoming the driving force on this planet. I am trying to learn to express unconditional love.”

He believes Earth is graduating from a 3rd to (positive) 4th density (heart-based) planet, and that the one we call Jesus will come to this significant graduation.

According to Don, there are 6 other intelligent species with whom we share this planet; four of them have spacecraft. The other two, cetaceans and bigfoot, are eternal spiritual beings currently in physical bodies designed to be non-technological.

Cetaceans (whales and dolphins): Don recapitulated some of what’s known about cetaceans and telepathy, therapy, rescues of humans and other species, including humpbacks saving seals from orca whales, and government work.

Bigfoot: There are many books on this subject. Tracks, vocalization recordings, woven stick mounds 10′ tall, many eyewitness encounters, even one capture.

Don told of a conference funded by Lawrence Rockefeller in l995 called “When Cosmic Cultures Meet.” Many VIPs were invited, but few came. Attorney and author George S. Robinson presented a talk on a hybrid human-ET species for off-planet survival called Homo alterios spacialis, that was featured on the cover of Time Mag June 23, ’97. The document of this Proceedings is available at www.headlinebooks.com. Many abductees report seeing their hybrid children.

Sea Gods, or Mer people: Valerie Bomwick has written several books about her experiences and training with the sea gods. (I have contact information for Valerie is anyone wants her books. ) She claims they have gills in their necks, and domed underwater cities, as well as amphibious space craft. She says they are highly developed, and in criminal courts use empaths to look at past lives and judge the impact of the sentence. In no case should the sentence permanently scar the person. “Sea gods” are also reported in Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings of All Ages.”

Reptiloids of Inner Earth: Much of Don’s information comes from an interview by an Ole K. in Sweden and a Reptiloid female named Lacerta in 1999 and 2000, which can probably be found on the internet. “We are the native terrans, mentioned in your religious writings like the Bible. The Christian religion has misunderstood our role. Other cultures have known about us and worshipped us.” They are technologically advanced, able to hide their craft and surface entries by altering our perception. There are many reptilian encounters in the abductee/contactee literature.

Elohim: Don says these are blonde, very white skinned beings who come from the Aldebaran star system, and shared advanced technologies including anti-gravity with the Germans, believing it would reduce human suffering. Sad story there. Later (after WWII) shared with Britain and the U.S. enabling the Earth-based space fleet mentioned above.

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