2 A.M. listening time: Jerome Corsi, esteemed elder, on this “Second American Revolution”

Of all the Qanon commentators, I value Jerome Corsi the most, and want to pass on his perspective on what went down yesterday. One remark that struck me so forcefully that I didn’t even have to turn on the light and jot it down: “MK Ultra has grown into Big Pharma.” Exactly. How many otherwise authentically alive school kids forced to sit still in rows while fed meaningless memorizations are NOT on psychoactive meds of some kind? And what might this fact have to do with “lone gunman school shootings”? The Deep State aims to destroy our children, and not just via pedophilia/Satanism.

So amazed and glad that “MK Ultra” is now hitting the internet news. About time. I just googled “MK Ultra exopermaculture,” and got ten stories that I’ve posted through the years.

Corsi mentions how, as a child, he went to kindergarten the first day and refused to return. That he was a difficult child, having so much energy. Don’t know his birthtime, but his birthdate is August 31, 1947, which makes him a member of the powerhouse Saturn/Pluto in Leo sub-generation; more specific to him personally, like Vladimir Putin, Corsi has many planets in Libra, and so is focused, above all, on the human dynamics of balance, equality, justice.

Thank goodness Corsi’s prodigious energy continues at the age of 71. He now seems to be “on,” 24/7, with his hard-working Virgo Sun helping independent citizen journalists to analyze the workings of what really does seem, more and more, to be a yuge revolutionary moment in the U.S.A. Thank goodness for our elders!

Rather than attempt to further summarize Corsi’s remarks here, I found someone else to do it for me. (BTW: in the second sentence, glad to see that this “White Nationalist” identifies himself as distinct from Corsi.)

This is quite an amazing videoed analysis by, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, the current premier analyst of the political scene in America. I’m speaking of the brilliant Dr. Jerome Corsi — and I’m speaking too from the perspective of a White Nationalist (not him, me).

Dr. Corsi’s video is amazing in at least two ways. First, the political and even (counter-)revolutionary implications of the happenings themselves of this day. Second, this video, like yesterday’s, includes a direct, in REAL TIME, response to Corsi’s live-stream video by the White House — in the person(s) of “Q-Anon.” For the benefit of those who aren’t up-to-date on the Q-Anon phenomenon, Q has been fully verified (in Corsi’s opinion and mine and many highly intelligent folk) as a legitimate spokesman for the Inner Circle of the Trump Administration (and the U.S. military — namely the Marines and Navy). This, based on the confirmed uniqueness of the information “dropped” by Q plus other confirmations, has become by now totally obvious. Indeed, this video, itself, is further confirmation of that fact.

Today’s revelations:

1. Although announced by Rosenstein, it is apparent that Robert Mueller today fully exonerated President Trump of both “Russian collusion” and “obstruction of justice.” And now — at last — the tables are about to be turned — not only on Mueller himself, but on the Democrat Party, Clapper, the Clintons, “President” Obama himself, plus many other traitors. The charge will be no less than SEDITION and TREASON. These are capital crimes, punishable by death. This doesn’t mean these people will actually face the death penalty (although they certainly deserve it), but the criminal charges and the punishments will be significant. Justice is about to begin, to a large degree, to be served.

2. The FBI was exposed today and yesterday as, at best, culpably negligent and incompetent and, at worst, criminally guilty of, in effect, collusion in the murder of the 17 school children in Florida — by failing (or refusing) to take action to prevent the insane drugged boy from his pre-announced mass murder shooting. The latter — that key people in the FBI are guilty of CONSCIOUS (indirect) collusion in the Florida high school shooting — is my own opinion, not Corsi’s (at least Corsi did not state this possibility out loud). This culpability prepares the public for a much needed house cleaning of the FBI, starting with the guy at the top (not to mention prior FBI big wigs).

3. Q announced today that MAJOR VOTER FRAUD was perpetrated by the Democrat Party in the 2016 presidential election and in the election of certain congressmen. It is probable that Hillary did NOT win even the popular presidential vote. MILLIONS of illegal aliens voted — and the vote count was manipulated by the Democrats. This was a conspiracy emanating from the very top — Obama himself. The attempted subversion of a major national election is SUBVERSION against the nation. Again, a capital offense, potentially punishable by death — because it amounts to an attempted COUP D’ETAT.

Okay. Listen to Corsi’s video all the way through. You won’t be disappointed.




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  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    No doubt we suffer from a cumulative effect of Nature Deficit Disorder… across the board our dis-connect from Nature in all aspects of our socio-economic-political institutions has created a serious, in insidious dissonance and dis-ease.

    In a Facebook discussion about the Florida shootings one person spoke of “diet” (pseudo-food) as core to the issue. I expanded the definition of the term “diet” to all we take in… mentally, physically and spiritually. At the core of all things, I believe is the notion of resonance or dissonance, the “tone of”.

    As to which are the greater “evil”, the Clintons and the Democrats or Trump and the Republicans, I think it is a mute discussion. They both are equally corrupt, which means the are equally dis-connected and profiteers of dissonance.

    Time for a different way of being and most of the “for profit” off our problems and thus their stock values will tumble if we dare to get “real”, and if don’t dare to get real, the whole system will collapese.

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