2 A.M. Listening Hour(s), again: Corsi and Pieczenik, in context of Endless Abundance

Last night, as ever, I found myself awake at around 2 A.M. And clicked on first, Jerome Corsi, and then Steve Pieczenik, both discussing “the current state of our world” from a background of lifelong participation in government.

One may wonder why I even bother to listen to this kind of “stuff.” Well, I’m a news addict, and have been since I was five years old, learning to read so I could check the headlines daily: Will the Bomb drop today? If not, I’ll pretend to go out and “play.”

Maybe someday I’ll let this addiction go. Meanwhile, its at the very least entertaining, especially now, when our world truly does seem — and has seemed at least since the pre-millennial run-up; or maybe push it back to Harmonic Convergence in August 1987? Or to when JFK was shot? — yes, as if the world really is on the brink of some kind of enormous transformative change.

And in any case, for me at least, this kind of “stuff” is always interesting, especially Corsi. Love his ego-less service to the whole via seemingly tireless decoding of Qanon, whom he considers to be military intel, and his respectful attitude towards the other anons who are working with him in this, what he calls “Second American Revolution,” which, at least so far, is being fought with words, not guns.

I don’t trust Pieczenik the same way, but his governmental background is similarly deep; in this recent session with Owen Schroyer on infowars he says he no longer bothers with trying to “figure out” the actual facts of this latest or other school shootings anymore, since he knows they all follow the same script and are used to distract from current news to which we should be paying close attention: for example, currently, to the alarming war drums between Iran and Israel at this juncture in history.

On the other hand, it’s apparent to me and to anyone whose mind is open that any broohaha about how “power” (over) works on this planet (Qanon or no Qanon) is only one of infinite streams of possibilities open to each of us at every moment. Everything — EVERYTHING! — depends on where we place our attention. For where we place our attention ignites a new stream which, at every point, also offers a choice, to get in or out, to creatively work the current of what “appears” in the direction of either expansion or contraction, love or hate, cooperation or conflict.

Given that continuous free will choosing required of us free spirits who happen to be temporarily anchored into bodies here on planet Earth, I personally choose not to place my entire precious attention on the admittedly fascinating skullduggery; and furthermore, to realize that when I do place it there, like in some of these middle-of-the night sessions, I need to also, and in much larger measure, by day, place my creative attention on this precious present moment and what it gifts me personally with, right now, here, LOCALLY. What is mine to do? To be? To say? And what not? What projects are worthwhile? What needs attending, right now? What comes first, second, third? The process of discernment is continuous. May I wake up, over and over again, and in all ways of infinite abundance inside the confines of this one aging human female body!

Speaking of which: we held our usual Community Dinner last night (more on Green Acres goings on soon) —

— which followed immediately after our third regular meeting of our new Green Acres Permaculture Village Board. In foreground above: our Board President, Mariella. The Board meeting itself immediately followed a four hour afternoon seminar at City Hall with a presenter on the responsibilities of non-profit board members. Whew! Lots of Capricornian structural considerations in one day. Grateful that Saturn now transits through that sign, to aid and abet this very serious process of setting some kind of (probably double) legal structure under our ongoing process.

At our Board meeting I read out loud a series of quotes from Wendell Berry that illustrate the values I, and we, seek to inculcate in our still forming, brand new — and very very ancient — intentional community that aims to reconnect humans to each other and to Earth and her cosmic context. Here they are, thanks to my friend Ted of Oakwood Center in Selma, Indiana, where a similar experiment in human renewal is ongoing.

it all turns on affection




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  1. Brie says:

    yes! one of the best wendell excerpts!

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