12/13/18 Hearing on Crimes of the Clinton Foundation: THE FINDINGS

Note: See yesterday’s post.

I was unable to sit and watch the entire 2 hour, 42 minute hearing, or even a part of it, so my report comes second-hand. Here are opening statements from forensic investigators:

From my notes on the first two investigators: “We are non-partisan. We follow facts. Not your facts or my facts. Not opinions. These are the facts of the Clinton Foundation.”

Clinton Foundation did not operate within the bounds of its 501c3 designation. Instead, from its inception, and despite its promise once Hillary became Secretary of State, the CF always operated as a “family partnership to advance the personal interests of its principals,” and “served as an agent of foreign governments.” Less than 1/10 of !% of donors gave 80% of donations.

Again, from my notes on Tom Fitton: Bill Clinton gave 215 speeches for 48 million dollars while Hillary was Secretary of State, including speeches in China, Russia, Saudia Arabia and many others. 2.5 million was transferred to the Clinton Foundation during Uranium One.

Here’s Sara Carter’s take on the crimes of the Clinton cartel:

Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated as a Foreign Agent

Oh, and BTW: the CF uses 60% of its revenues for administrative purposes. The average for non-profits is 5%. Bill especially, is known to regularly commingle his personal and CF expenses, despite being warned not to.

At least as far as I can ascertain, The Clinton Foundation’s involvement with child trafficking did not surface during this hearing, which was mainly concerned with tax implications of the Clinton Foundation’s bogus claim to act within its 501c3 mandate. Had that deeper, darker secret surfaced, what would have happened? Hillary and her long-time side-kick Huma are away in India, at a royal wedding. I wonder if they flew first class. Or can she afford it, now that the CF fortunes are crashing. And I wonder if she dares to return after the damning testimony at yesterday’s hearing. Probably yes! She has operated above the law for so long, I imagine it’s  matter of habit to continue doing so, thumbing her nose at all  who wonder at her self-centered, power-mad, superiority complex.

So now, post-hearing, the question we must ask: Will the Clintons get away with this unusually stark and corrosive example of pretending to be one thing while actually being another? Do universal ethics even apply to the Clintons? Or are there two tiers of justice in the U.S.A.: one for them and rest of the .1%, and the other for us deplorables, the 99.9%. This IS the impending question. And by this time, more and more of us know it, despite an almost total news blackout in the MSM of this hearing and its starkly criminal findings.

The answer to this question is critical. If the Clintons, and others of their kind, are indicted, tried, sentenced and punished, then we have a reasonable chance of righting the course of this ship of state.  If not, then it may be that all hope of doing so is lost.


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2 Responses to 12/13/18 Hearing on Crimes of the Clinton Foundation: THE FINDINGS

  1. rose day says:

    Thanks Ann, for providing viable information that the Hearing made available to the general public. I must admit cause for pause as the exposures make me wonder just how many other Foundations (especially those that are ‘family’-run) practice similar financial chicanery.

    I especially appreciate your thoughts referencing tiers of justice and at times it seems that we are naught but puppets albeit at different tiers. Puppet-Masters revel in control yet surely know that all tiers are actually inter-dependent.

    Perhaps an effective approach in addressing today’s significant imbalance would be to honor individual and collective sovereignty and then simply cut the puppet strings from bottom to top.

  2. a quite excellent example of What AboutIsm here, Ann.

    very little to disagree with (save, of course, for your curiously Obsessive Fetish with “child trafficking”); and i have no problem assuming that all the rest about Slick Willie & She Who’s Time it Was is “true” –if not drastically understated.

    now, how about giving us a learnéd post about The Trumpster’s “family foundation” –together with your perceptive analysis of how suchlike an institution might be seen in his Chart.

    because, as i see it, like everything else he’s been involved in, for many, many decades, *must* be visible in that thing, must it not –it’s *all* got to be there, right?

    i certainly have no problem whatsoever accepting the fundamental Validity of astrology; and, as well, your proven ability to divine its arcane secrets.

    my question is (and it is a sincere one, not at all meant to just be WhatAboutIsm):

    Please, where are ‘lil Donnie’s multiple Cons, Flim-Flams, Lies & Deceptions –and his Petulance, btw.– to be found in his chart?

    Details, please.

    Inquiring Minds want to know.


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