11/12/19: Full Moon in Taurus stabilizes change

The Taurus Full Moon, at 19°52 Taurus/Scorpio, will provide a grounding, deepening, stabilizing influence during the final two weeks of this lunar cycle that saw pugnacious Mars squaring (igniting) breakups of deep old Saturn/Pluto structures (see recent posts) since the Scorpio New Moon. Whatever changes have been initiated, they are settling into place, becoming manifest. This is due, not only to the fact that both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs, but because both Neptune in Pisces at 15°59 Pisces and Saturn/Pluto at 16°18 and 21°02 of Capricorn create a harmonious double wedge formation (both with 120° trines and 60° sextiles) with this Full Moon.




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