You were born free. You will die free. But do you live free?

My son Colin, an Aquarian who never could and never would conform; who instead conducts his own research into what is, allows intuition to activate his heart/mind, comes to his own conclusions about what could be if enough of us wake up in time, and invents things like the Garden Tower, sent me this while I was out of town at the weekend Sufi Retreat.

Reminds me of one of my own remarks, repeated endlessly through the decades: “I’ve never met a stupid baby.”

Pictorial Essay: Your Life

[When you were born,] the concept of lack was foreign to you . . .



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4 Responses to You were born free. You will die free. But do you live free?

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Mmmmm, link doesn’t work. I am curious how the article’s author justifies that opening sentence.

  2. cdancer says:

    I not long ago realized why babies are “free” so to speak – because they have everyone else running around after them doing everything for them.

    • cdancer says:

      Maybe that is why there is such a fascination for them? It’s so easy to forget how short-lived that “freedom?” is……. particularly when one considers the info shared via kateofgaia’s blog and our names?

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