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Joan Bird, who holds a Ph.D in zoology, lives in Helena Montana and has been researching ufology for more than ten years. She is writing a book about UFOs in Montana for Riverbend Press, due out this fall. Joan runs a UFO-list-serve of about 170 people to whom she sends interesting information from time to time.

Regarding ufology, she states in one of her letters to this group:
“. . .it is not enough to read just one author, or hear just one piece of the story. I hope you can begin to see the complexity of the subject, and have a taste of the myriad facets and points of view. I like what Mary Rodwell said about having to jump from one disappearing ice flow of understanding to another. There are no short or easy answers, and yet I hope you have become convinced, as I have, that it’s an important subject, and something we all need to inform ourselves about. The ramifications for our understanding of human history on the planet, what is really going on in our world, and the ultimate nature of reality, are (literally) earthshaking and transformative.”

Shodo Spring is a Zen priest, a grandmother, a permaculturist, and an activist. She has had two careers, as psychotherapist and as holistic health practitioner, and has retired from both in order to give full time to Zen practice including environmental activism. In 1996 Tuttle published her book Take Up Your Life: Making Spirituality Work in the Real World. Currently she is working on two projects:

  • The Compassionate Earth Walk, a physical walk through the heart of North America, a moving spiritual community dedicating our energy to nourishing the earth, and an invitation to all humans to wake up, end the destruction, and return to our home in the community of life (Summer 2013, Keystone Pipeline route); and
  • Compassionate Earth Farm, a Zen permaculture center to be founded in southern Minnesota.

Shodo can be reached at ( or at

Shodo” is her Buddhist name, given by her teacher, and means “true path.”

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  1. i agree with you, in fact ive been reading from different sources + translating Jjasmuheen’s book, to understan the whole extraterrestriaLSs phenomenon a bit BETTER — THANKS BE BLESSED WITH A FOTONIC STARGATE 11/11/11

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