With or without awareness, we are poking through a “disturbance in the Force”

This will be my only post today, before my son Colin Cudmore, of the Garden Tower Project — whose latest kickstarter campaign is now up to nearly $240,000! (they originally asked for $31,000 and got that in the first 33 minutes; still ten days to go) — and I take off with puppy Shadow for the woods InDiana and then dinner at McCormick’s Creek State Park Lodge.

Meanwhile, I invite you to chew on one of Laura Bruno’s posts today, both her powerful introductory remarks, and the various urls she refers to. She says she prefers evolution to revolution. I prefer what I call r/evolution, since the “rev” seems to be emphasized in that way of spelling it — plus, it includes both the startle of revolution and the steadiness of evolution — and yet, it’s for sure that we need to “rev up” our responsiveness, as well as our discernment, our focus, our intent, and our utter determination to move this suffering world into a truly new place via our actions, here and now, where we live. The solution to global is local! Whatever is yours to do, do it! As you do, the next thing that you specifically are to do, will appear. Do that. The world magically rearranges itself around clear, steady, focused intent put into resolute action.

Ken — The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven . . . at first




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