What’s “Real”(?) Confusion Department: The “Jade Helm 15″ pdf

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Hmmmm. So many edges in this Jade Helm psyop, so many types of authentic? and/or pretend? “reals” that converge or fracture and dissolve . . . For example, just focusing in on this single pdf document:

1. Does does it document a “real” “Request,” that is, some kind of a piece of paper, or digital record that really does perport to be an (I presume official?) “Request?”

2. Is the “realistic” training that it describes real, that is, is it a training that is also a well- staged event, so that people will view as not just a drill? And they may be right (it is “real”), or wrong (it is not really “real): it’s “just a drill.” But then, it might “go live.” Or has it already? Or are all drills alive.

Yep. Confusion is the name of the game. Not clarity. Mix it all up with weirdness and complication that nobody but nobody can follow but everybody (secretly) thinks must be their problem, they must be stupid, not to be able to understand what’s “really” going on. Just like the confusing initial conditions of all the wars “they” start and that go on and on with no obvious winner or conclusion. Confusion is the name of the game when “they” want to keep us “useless eaters” ignorant, zoned out, and hopelessly befuddled. Indeed, it doesn’t matter what’s “real” what’s “not real.” It doesn’t matter who “wins” or “loses.” All that matters is that the fiat money keeps on flowing into the hands of the by now it must be the .000000000001%.

Yep. “The play’s the thing” in this real? Game of Thrones? Or is it just plain old, tried and true Monopoly.

But then we can stop the game! Just pull away, unsuck yourself from the magnetic addiction to confusion. I know it’s not easy. But as Nancy Reagan famously said about drugs: “Just say no!” Turn off the screen, put the board game away. Center in the present moment, deeply; breathe. Feel the spaciousness expand to the point where every single point in the field blooms it’s own opening into the shimmering vastness and everything, literally every single thing that arises “next” depends on just which particular point you, or I, want to focus on. That point, that single “still point of the turning world” sets the intention, establishes the time-line that we lean into from NOW on.

From NWO to NOW: simply transpose two letters in a three-letter word. The first is supposedly “coming in.” The second is already here.

This pdf via Alfred.

Jade Helm Martial Law Prep Document.pdf

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