What tiny, common garden resident both composts dead matter and cleans up the soil?

WOW! I had no idea. And it makes me wonder what other obvious holes there are in my understanding of the soil. Funny thing, I ALWAYS notice pill bugs when I disturb something rotting, and I ALWAYS wonder about their function. But I’ve NEVER asked out loud! Hard to believe.

Question: As “they” continue to drop heavy metals from the sky via chem trails, will we witness more and more pill bugs cleaning up the soil?

Let’s face it: Not only is Mother Earth way bigger than we are, so is her intelligence, and her ability to utilize the tiniest, most common of creatures in service to the whole. May we tiny, common human creatures find our own rightful place in this mysterium tremendum that constitutes the endless miracle we call Life, on Earth.

“Rollie pollies” remove heavy metals from soil, stabilizing growing conditions, protecting groundwater


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