Want to grow your own neighborhood with local food? Here’s one idea.

Time to take action, folks. Both community and local food have finally come to the forefront as utterly “essential” during this unprecedented, world-wide Covid-19 pause. Thanks to old friend Clarissa, who let me know about this brilliant, beautiful open-source design. I showed the photo to my housemate Dan, and he immediately saw it in the courtyard of our local library. Where else? How about the prison yard of a penitentiary? Or even one’s own back yard. Or front yard! Or park. Or centered in an intersection a la City Repair. In parking lots. Or along urban paths. Or on all those humongous university and corporate lawns.

Human creativity is boundless. So is human energy, when full, strong cooperative intent is realized. Whatever we imagine, think, and do, from now on, is up to us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, folks. Unless, of course, we’d rather be locked down forever as chipped, vaccinated, surveilled cogs in the New World Order machine that would just love to gobble us all up and turn us into transhuman robots. Nope. Not happening!


IKEA releases free design for a garden sphere that can feed a neighborhood

Download the plans. Take it from there. Only tools required are plywood, a rubber hammer, and screws.


Oh, and BTW: if you’re sending away for “complete meals,” don’t. That adds even another step to the extremely inefficient and resource-consuming proccss of moving food around.

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