WAKE UP! To how the word “natural” has been robbed of meaning.

Back in the late ’60s, when I was writing my doctoral dissertation in philosophy and striving to illustrate the difference between “logical” and “natural,” the word “natural” still had meaning. Maybe 15 years ago, the word “sustainability” had meaning (until co-opted by Agenda 21). The word “organic” drags along onerous government regulations (and, I hear, some “organic vegetables” in supermarkets are irradiated. True?) Now I use the words “resilience” and “regenerative.” Who knows how long their clout will last. And see this. Advertising isn’t just an advertising product. Our entire culture and language has been corrupted by the myopic, materialistic, individualistic greed of predatory capitalism.

This video especially welcome in the shopping frenzy of the “holiday” season.

onlyorganic via Jeanne.

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