Wake Up Time: Don’t “Follow the White Light” When you Die!

Synchronicity points me in the direction of another post also this morning, one more perfect follow-up to the “three possible portals at death” piece yesterday. Whereas the Rappoport post referred to The Void, this one speaks of just why we DON’T want to “go to the white light.” P.S. I know a lot of this will sound crazy to folks who haven’t been reading people like John Lamb Lash, his Not In HIs Image, where I was introduced to the gnostic concept of “archons;” frankly, I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t believe it! NO! A full year went by before I could pick up the book again and internally agree to absorb it.

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The Final Trick

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  1. richbuckley7 says:

    I’m still researching this as is everyone else of course. Here’s where I’m at currently about “following the light.”

    There are some very creditable 3rd party cross-referenced verification from multiple sources that dominate the evidence trail:

    (a) The “in-between lives” by Dr. Newton, (The Destiny of Souls),
    (b) Research by the rather famous and highly regarded and greatly missed, late Dolores Cannon with her enormous body of work with deep somnambulist trance hypnotherapy (patient does not remember what they said) These books are really engrossing.
    (c) John E. Mack, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard, and
    (d) the well known Wynn Free – Terry Brown BBS Internet Radio who partnered in “The Law of One” with the late, and greatly missed, Carla Rueckert

    All four independent fields of research yield the same cross-confirming answers over tens of thousands of case studies (25,000+-). Sure, they could all be wrong. But in a multi-verse there may also be more than one right answer.

    Let me tell you what I did when I thought I was dead in a dream. I spoke aloud (in the dream) “I want to be in service to the forces of light and love.” It was a prayer for the direction to take my soul. It was a gift at letting me know my true desires, my soul level expression of its free will choice.

    What entity would dare over ride your soul level free will choice? Some may try to scare you but whoa to any that cross you. They will bring down upon themselves even greater forces than they.

    I think you will do what you are ready to do and deeply want.

    That’s where I’m at with “following the light.”

    Now off to the beach to watch the annual hilarity of illegal fireworks. Every year like clock work the Santa Cruz County Sheriff busts some high profile illegal (?) fireworks distributor just in time to have a high profile hearing before the judge, just in time to be published in the local newspaper, just in time to splash a perc-walk photo on the front page, just in time to hit the news stands to firmly warn the week end warriors who at 9:00 pm sharp on the evening of July 4th, every year without fail, out bang, out bomb, out kaboom, out shaaaazaam, swosh and poka-poka-poka – to light up the beaches from the Santa Cruz Light House Museum on the north, around Monterrey Bay to Point Lobos on the South with everything that will ignite. If they ever stop the routine … then it’s probably time to worry. 🙂

  2. Alleghany says:

    You’ve probably seen this one already but just wanted to share it as it pairs nicely….

    Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2 by Cameron Day

    • Yeah, thanks Alleghany, for this. I did post it a while ago, not sure under what name, however. What used to be cornerstones of so-called “reality” continually dissolving, eh?

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    July 5th Early Riser Situation Report:

    We survived!

    Even around the signs that read “$1000 Fine Zone No Fireworks Allowed” there is evidence the resistance surely prevailed over the ever present uniformed police state. The whole affair seem to be monitored by some higher, rather tolerant power. Our tender dry landscape around this paradise Ocean Bay is dripping wet from a brief night sprinkle.

    Dream Report:

    My dream guide worked overtime last night. Very creative woman/fellow he/she is. I attended her/his dream party in the wee hours this morning. My role was observer-reporter.

    The priest was very concerned for the welfare of his flock. He lectured his congregation on higene. He simply could not understand as the church had suppressed truth for so long, no one could recognize the transfiguration and ascendence taking place. They aren’t sick. They’re shifting frequency.

    Someone in his flock understood and spoke up. “It’s happening. We aren’t sick. It’s supposed to be this way.”

    Like Monarch Butterflys emerging from their cacoon they had all transformed. The priest seem to be the last one to get it.

    Laughter and smiles, immediate understanding spread instantly through these interesting looking creatures assembled before me.

    Well, that’s going to take some getting used to I thought. Wonder how we’re supposed to eat and kiss with these beaks. Hands, feet, chest, arms, eyes, legs….all there. But these new heads with top feathers and beaks! Everyone seemed happy and patted the priest on the back, offering counsel, love, and forgiveness. The priest smiled as the awareness settled upon him.

    Like all interesting dreams I woke up too soon to know what’s next.

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