WAKE UP! Hemp, Veterans, Climate Change, The Red Pill — towards a Transformed Future

At first, I wondered, why is Veterans Today publishing a piece about growing food? Then I discovered, part-way through this piece, it’s veterans growing food! YES! A very up-beat story, and gaining traction in the alt media. Great title, too, though it’s more sweeping than the article delivers. On the other hand, by focusing, each of us, on place-based, decentralized, localized food growing everywhere, we do, gradually, “end up” with a “New Economy in America.”

And of course, hemp, too. What’s not to like about hemp? That “they” succeeded in banning hemp in America is one early indication of what “they” proved themselves capable of doing when they decided to get rid of everything natural (e.g. hemp) and make it artificial (e.g. plastic). Why? To make mega money for themselves, sicken or kill most of the rest of us, and, by the way, ruin the planet, while escaping the same fate through their “Breakaway Civilization” that plans to go underground, and/or to Mars, or wherever else their fiendish minds thought up in order to just. . . not . . . ever, ever, EVER! . . . really . . . connect . . . to their own bodies . . . to their own HEARTS! . . . to each other . . . to our dear Mother, Earth.

Growing a New Economy in America

Let’s zoom out from the initiatives in Vermont and Kentucky discussed in the above article to embrace a global vision of truly place-based everything. To a truly garden planet!



That’s what’s going to change this world. And it will come about in many ways. Fitting that the piece below should stem from the day after the Climate Change March, which, according to Todd Gitlin, really did do what it was designed to do. “Change Everything,” as Naomi Klein has so quickly, so effortlessly, introduced as a meme with her new book, This Changes Everything.

Place-Based Everywhere: Lessons from Flood Wall Street

And this really is no joke. The situation is urgent and dire. If we allow corporate capitalism to continue as usual, growing like a cancer, then the Earth will soon be covered with maglignant lesions and shaking us off her surface in disgust.

This truly is the end game. And its lessons must be learned NOW. Start NOW. Get to know your neighbors. Forget about growing your stupid “money”; instead, grow up! Grow your inner life, grow your relationships, and grow your food!”

There’s NO TIME left to lose, if we wish to avoid extinction or a ghastly “survival of the fittest” nightmarish dystopian future as detailed in propaganda films now clogging our collective imagination. In another Veterans Today piece, Allen L. Roland takes the movie, The Matrix, to heart, and tells us why we should, too. While he focuses on Truth Telling via the Internet world-wide, let us focus equally on localizing everything “as if our lives depend on it.” And they probably do. And even if we, personally, die trying, we do so knowing we didn’t slink away, afraid of our own shadow and that of Big Brother; we do so knowing that we did not disappoint our children and grandchildren with our own cowardice in the face of danger to their lives, their well being! (See: Derrick Jensen: here and here.) NO. We are human beings, not victimized robots. We have hearts.

These hearts beat in resonance with the Earth body and with each other.

Take the Red Pill Before It’s Too Late




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