WAKE UP Department: Notice how “fiction” speaks truth while “facts” are “spun”?

And notice how this continuous inversion makes our heads spin, too? We grow confused. We can’t figure out what’s what, and who’s who, so we give up, “go along with the program,” listless, spent and yet, underneath, freakin’ furious.

The first hint, for me, of the capacity of TV fictional news to report actual reality, was when I first watched Jon Stewart, back before he was famous. I was in Massachusetts, with my son Sean and his family and their new baby Kiera. So that must have been August, 2000, over 14 years ago. Watching and hearing this man speak truth on “Comedy Central,” both stunned and astonished me. WOW! YES!

That was prior to my discovery of Bill Hicks and George Carlin, other truth telling comedians.

Several years ago, I saw this, on youtube, from the TV series, The Newsroom. It’s worth repeating:

Then there’s the machiavellian character Frank Underwood, who’s just been elected President as the third season of House of Cards begins. Doubt I’ll participate in that apotheosis of cynicism.

I remember watching the first year of “24,” until I couldn’t stomach the constant stress and torture.

“They” tell us that what’s on TV and in movies and mainstream media is “predictive programming.” Yep!

Let us free up the imagination, rather than have it programmed (and confused) by “fiction” that masqueradesas and/or reveals itself as “fact.”

We indeed do create our realities. Or we can. Once we get disgusted enough with what the “mainstream” programs our minds and imaginations to absorb and reflect, all designed to confuse.

When that happens, when enough of us wake up to the reality of our own infinite creativity, our world will reflect that transformation, and “they” will no longer pull our strings. We will have cut those strings and participate, finally, as free beings, unrolling our unique expressions into the endless mystery of creation.



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