Victories in Vermont!

Same day, several hours later: In another amazing synchronicity, fellow blogger Laura Bruno received an article this morning from the same woman who wrote the article I put up this morning, warning Vermonters to beware of one of the companies promoting hemp seed. See her comment below the article.

Growing A New Economy in America


Activists Permanently Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant Today

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Here’s a synchronicity for ya! Author Mia emailed me this morning with her latest article on VT, which includes the following paragraphs:

    FULL DISCLOSURE: While writing my previous article, “Growing A New
    Economy in America,” I met and was considering collaborating on a
    project with American Seed and Oil Company. Throughout the end of
    August to early November of this year, numerous red flags popped up
    causing me to disengage and ultimately break all connections with this
    company. Upon doing a simple Google search of the two men I dealt
    with on a regular basis, I found that one has a history of fraud with
    the SEC that includes him paying a fine of $110,000 in 2010 and being
    barred from working with penny stocks for one year. The other seems
    to be widely known to front companies under 17 different names and
    post bogus press releases online to attract investors with false
    profits and unsubstantiated information. It is my opinion that they
    are attempting to repeat this pattern in their efforts to grow hemp
    and medical marijuana in Vermont and elsewhere.

    For the past six months they have been active in the state of Vermont,
    publishing press releases that are misleading and making promises they
    are unable to deliver. In my opinion, any and all farmers who are
    considering growing hemp should avoid American Seed and Oil Company.
    A far better and safer approach is to join in cooperation with other
    hemp farmers to create a cooperative movement and grow and market
    their crops on their own, without a middle man. I encourage farmers
    to do their own research into this company. At the very least, read
    all of the press releases American Seed has put out to the public and
    form your own opinion. Do your due diligence.

    As someone who provided American Seed and Oil Company with some of its
    first validation through my article, I cannot remain silent knowing
    what I now know. In my opinion, they continue to create an illusion
    with smoke and mirrors while attracting people to use and prey upon.

    Because this industry promises to be a financial boom for the economy,
    it can attract the seedier side of life, determined to capitalize to
    the max with little investment or work. Do your research before
    getting involved with characters like this. That is my opinion. Take
    it for what it is worth.

    [Laura again: here is her most recent article– ]

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