V for Varoufakis!

Did Greece just tip the world past the point of no return? I’m amazed at how free I feel this morning, amazed at the courage and passion of how the Greeks rose up to declare. by an overwhelming margin of 61%, that direct democracy rules!

One wonders if it would have been possible to defy the EU’s oligarchic demands without flamboyant, fearless, in your face Yanis Varoufakis, who blasted through the thick walls of stifling central state bureaucracy, to demand that his fellow Greeks rise up and declare NO to further “austerity.” They did that, resoundingly. Then, in a sudden shock resignation, Varoufakis stepped down in deference to Tsipris’s request, to help smooth the way to further negotiations — or not!

If the Greeks did just restart the world, then all bets are off. We are surrendered to the quantum field, where all possibilities are equal, the direction of the future to be set in motion by the preponderance of human intent. What say you? What say us? Let us rise up, like the Greeks, and rejoice in our authentic independence from all those who would control us.

You might enjoy this “German” spoof on Varoufakis (uploaded to youtube on February 25, 2015).

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5 Responses to V for Varoufakis!

  1. Zarah says:

    OMG … 😉 I’m German, and I grew up in the “region called Saarland” … but I felt the same way you did when I heard about the No vote: Yes!!! They did it!!! 😀

    I’m not sure though if I would dare to post this video on Varoufakis’ blog (http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/)- but I am really sad to see him go. 🙁

  2. Andy says:

    The video is funny but also sad that even when we know better we still fall for the “us vs them” scenario. Why can’t we promote our brotherhood with the German people and recognize they are being lied to just the same as we who support the Greek people. We are in this mess together so let’s stop fighting each other and look for common solutions.

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