Uranus/Pluto: decentralize power to break up police state

images-2One more Uranus/Pluto post on the day that these two planets exactly square one another for the 6th of seven times (2012-2015).

Jon Rappoport’s proposal that counties nullify state laws, needs to flow on down to perhaps what Thomas Jefferson recommended: break up the failed Republic into units of 100 people each. That, for my Green Acres Neighborhood, would mean slicing it into four neighborhoods, since there are over 440 houses in this section of town. Not a bad idea. Somebody else somewhere mentioned that we can only know about 250 people by name. If that’s true, then perhaps 250 is the sweet spot for community power? I don’t know, but it’s clear that erupting (Uranus) power (Pluto) at the grassroots by breaking up (Uranus) the power of large units (Pluto) is the antidote (Uranus) to the ever coalescing global police state (Pluto).

GMO Wars: The Right of the People to Nullify Fascism


Decentralizing the Failed American Republic



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2 Responses to Uranus/Pluto: decentralize power to break up police state

  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    I like the idea of communities within communities, of 250 or something like that. What I don’t think would work is doing away with state and federal laws. There are way too many good old boys in my neck of the woods who would run things into the ground worse than they already have and do, and that’s following the legal system. As backwards as this area is in a lot of ways, I shudder to think of life without laws, especially federal laws. Forward-thinking, a lot of folks around here are not. I love the South, but there is still serious, strong prejudice here. Where I live is not as bad as elsewhere in Georgia, Athens, but it’s here too.

  2. rose day says:

    Spot-on thoughts from Mari Braveheart-Dances. I would add that strong prejudice appears to be present in pockets throughout the country but I truly believe that such is the energy of a vocal
    minority manipulated by power mongers to promote division. Quantum physics is validating the awesome power of positive affirmation and in holding tightly to the concept of ‘all as one’ we WILL successfully navigate these challenging times.

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