U.S. War on Terror generated karmic whiplash

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, when I was a “violent peace activist” and the cold war featured the mutually MAD United States and the Soviet Union, I noticed this odd fact: the initials of the one, U.S., happened to be the mirror image of the initials for the other, S.U.

What a convoluted history we have endured since then! The U.S. morphing into our fearful image of the old S.U. as U.S. whistleblower Snowden finds refuge in Russia, and the post-9/11 endless, corporatized, and very-very-profitable-for-the-1% “War on Terror” now turned on our own “homeland.”

Peter-Van-Buren_3-300x247Welcome to Post-Constitution America

What If Your Country Begins to Change and No One Notices?

August, 2013

by Peter Van Buren



One by one, the tools and attitudes of the war on terror, of a world in which the “gloves” are eternally off, have come home. The comic strip character Pogo’s classic warning — “We have met the enemy and he is us” — seems ever less like a metaphor. According to the government, increasingly we are now indeed their enemy.


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