U.N. Climate Change Summit Opening Ceremony: POEM TO MY DAUGHTER

All the rest of that day at the U.N. may have been full of posturing and posing. This was not. This young islandic mother focused the brilliant myriad initiatives and passion snapshotted during the Climate Change March (google “Climate Change March,” then click on “images”) of two days earlier into a soft, fierce laser beam of trust. In us; in we, the people.

This young mother represents We the People, during this Fall Equinox, 2014, as we pledge our Trust in Each Other and our dear Mother Earth, her polluted soil and air and water. We pledge to change our ways. To simplify. To reconnect. To work hard — and together! To remember. To dream our decentralized, open-sourced, shared, joyful and abundant Garden Planet into manifestation here, locally, everywhere.

To re-member who we are and why we, as souls, chose to be born on this beautiful Earth at this crucial moment. NOW.

To feel utterly grateful for this opportunity to rise to this greatest occasion, this dawning emergency/emergence that stretches our imagination to the utmost and demands that we sing and dance and let go of whatever of the past still clings and seeks to drag us back into torpor and denial.

No more excuses. No more lies. No more “normal.” Only this vast Love. This Vast Being.

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