Trying to make sense of the mideast and other madness: stretching, warping, morphing perspectives . . .

Zero Hedge sometimes has an uncanny way of mirroring my mind.

In Case You Are Still Confused By What Is Going On In The Middle East

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Then the following recent recap by a contributor to the Daily Mail should explain everything.

I confess, with both my Venus and my Mercury in structural, status-quo Capricorn, I much prefer nice, tidy “solutions” to messy problems. Plus, despite my self-image as a person who thinks for herself, I don’t. Indeed, I’m still caught in archetypal unconscious patterns loaned to me by the invisible, powerful, and nearly impenetrable murky gunk that has hold of all of us, those Collective Unconscious patterns we humans have probably inherited through centuries, if not millennia.

How this “collective unconscious” works out in practice now? For me? Well, I’m one of those who tends to “love Putin,” seeing him as a hero in the usual archetypal duality story of dueling good and evil. The inner programming to do this — to find at least one person whose motives and purity put him or her “above the fray” and who then, as a sort of “deus ex machina,” can and will pull us out of whatever machinations we have advertently or inadvertently gotten ourselves into — is, apparently, within the murk of the 90% of my own murky mind that I still haven’t thrown the light of awareness upon, still utterly intact. Yuck!

This morning blogger Laura Bruno emailed me a piece about Putin that made me pause.

Putin: Key Player in the New World Order

Also making me pause, its source, the New American, a magazine of the John Birth Society. Okay, Ann, so it’s right-wing. So what? It’s still mighty interesting and provocative. The notion of “regional cooperation” fits right into what I know about Agenda 21, that eventually top-down centralized “order” that gradually and subtly locks in “bottom-up” approaches, yep, into a New World Order, that as usual, and forever, benefits the few instead of the many and all under the guise of the pius-sounding phrase “sustainable development.”

Hmmm. And now, I see a new article on the same subject, also in the New American.

Putin’s East vs. Globalist West: Merging into a New World Order

This kind of perspective dovetails with some of the posts I’ve read on JC Collins, philosophyofmetrics blog, from which I’ve gained the idea that those of us see BRICS, for example, as an alternative to the World Bank/IMF western bankster powers, don’t recognize that it’s really just the next dialectical step in the inevitable unification and centralization of economies into a single currency world-wide.

So, let me repeat once again, the issue is centralization (no matter how disguised) versus decentralization (no matter how messy and sporadic and hard to fathom). Get local, planet yourself into our good Mother, and stay there! And that includes local sources of power. And local currencies, other ways of ensuring mutuality in exchange. Trading. Sharing. Gifting. DYI. All kinds and in all ways! Above all, work hard and have fun!

Thousands upon thousands of networked, busy, cooperative communities rather than a single, isolating, ruthless, competitive one. Oh, and did I mention joy rather than fear? Of course, it will take time. But how much time? How much time do we have before we blow ourselves up in one way or another?

Of course we will need to maintain or create some centralized “laws,” for example, that we all agree to drive on the same side of the street if we don’t want to run into each other! — but how many do we really need? How much centralization is necessary on a networked, garden planet? For that is what we must and shall become. Everywhere, abundance. Everywhere, the souls of our beautiful selves mutually and responsively interdependent with the soil of our beautiful planet.

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6 Responses to Trying to make sense of the mideast and other madness: stretching, warping, morphing perspectives . . .

  1. bumpercrop says:

    This Sunday, I am visiting a sweet and highly intelligent friend, who owns a 300 acre farm, and her circa 1840’s farmhouse, out in the countryside. On the ride I will enjoy the company of an equally spirited friend in exuberant expectation. We plan on listening to the following on female archetypes.
    enjoying homemade culinary delights and then take a long hike in the woods.

    I have long been interested in the current effects of past life traumas or past life contracts/rituals/ceremonies, not to mention the effects of ancestral fears angsts, and other programming that we might have inherited in some unseen manner.
    I recently became aware of an Australian Shaman, who was raised by his Aborigine grandmother.
    I practiced some of his techniques, to release trauma, experienced in accepting contracts in past lives, that inadvertently formed a part of my spirit. It is all in acknowledging and hence, releasing the power of the shadow side. I like that you call your puppy,” Shadow” a dog-gone good reminder to stay open and humble for healing and expansion of our soul..

    I simply don’t know about Putin. It is best to be hopeful yet vigilant.
    He does seem to be a stabilizing force, and for that I am grateful..
    Thanks for doing what you do Anne.

  2. C.W. says:

    I’m going to read these 2 articles carefully, because I have the same reaction as you, Ann, to the source. But my first impression is that their problem is they are hating state control of economy – ok, fine – but the problem is not whether BIg Business or Big Government controls all. As Leopold Kohr wrote in 1957 (quoted by Paul Kingsnorth in Real England – I’d forgotten about Kohr, who influenced E.F. Schumacher): “wherever something is wrong, SOMETHING IS TOO BIG (my emphasis”. Or as G.K. Chesterton put it, Big Government CANNOT exist without Big Business. And Big Business cannot exist without Big Government. He called it Hudge for the socialists, and Gudge for the “business-can-do-no-wrong” camp. To demonize one or the other misses the point. The problem is – BIG. Returning to sovereignty, local, etc. imho is the solution. Love the posts on projection too, BTW.

  3. mike0v says:

    Hey Dr. K.,

    The validity of ANYTHING written right now about a new world order or a planet ruled by a single government is complete bulls**t unless it takes into account the numerous races of ETs buzzing around above us.

    I’ve been telling you for a long time; we ain’t in this all by ourselves. The whole damn universe is changing. It’s not just Earth. It’s a whole boatload of worlds!

    What do you think I’ve been working on for the past three years? I’ve been to some of these worlds. I’ve jumped all over in the higher dimensions. I’ve seen some really cool s**t!

    When a columnist writes an essay and it includes ALL of the players in this game, then maybe, and only maybe, should her opinion be considered as knowledgable and accurate. But who can sort out and elucidate a cosmic mess of this magnitude? Nobody that I know! 😉


    • Hey Mike, I’m certainly aware of ET, but deliberately keep that awareness at arms’ length when I look at this world. I feel it’s important that, as even they (the ETs, at least the ones I tend to trust) say, we humans must do it ourselves. That this is our evolutionary opportunity. Let’s let our free will drive us all into the arms of Love. While we may have assistance, it helps us focus our energies when we do NOT count on this assistance. Otherwise, it’s just the archetype of the savior all over again. If not Putin, then ET! “Something, please, save me from my idiocy! (And that way I can just wait for deliverance without changing one iota of my own awareness or behavior.)”

      Anyway, you get my drift.

      • mike0v says:


        I get your drift, my wonderful sister, but something that is never discussed in the spiritual community is just exactly who we are, where we came from and who in the hell is causing all this trouble.

        We ain’t from here. We came from the stars. And humans, honest-to-goodness humans with souls ain’t the ones who destroyed our world. You can thank a whole host of ETs and inter-dimensional beings for that.

        So, why are humans solely responsible for fixing this mess? We’re not. And we shouldn’t be, either. Many, many dark hands sculpted this ugly environment and these nasty beings hail from various different planets and dimensions.

        So, when it comes time to place blame for such an atrocious state of affairs, the blame can’t be placed on honest-to-goodness humans, it must be placed where it belongs; on the bad guys who aren’t human!

        Ann, the Anakim are real. They’re here. This is why you’re seeing horrific murders around our world everyday. Reptilians are here. Grays are here. Humanity is being used by them like puppets on strings.

        Why do you think Obama sounds like a babbling idiot when he gives a speech? It’s because he’s under mind control. Very bad and painful mind control.

        Making humans feel responsible for this mess and convincing them that they have to fix it themselves is exactly what the dark forces want. They don’t want anyone to know the truth. If humanity knew the truth, we’d stop blaming ourselves and hunt down the truly evil bastards who are doing this to us.

        And it won’t be long before this truth is made known, my dear sister. This is the year. 2014. Heaven and the angels are done with delays. Earth is moving forward. The cleansing of the dark forces has been going on and is gonna get more robust in the coming weeks. Watch for high profile muckity-mucks croaking or getting killed.

        An ice age is coming this winter and will knock the crap out of humanity. Be ready for it. This winter will be absolutely brutal.

        It’s time to push the big, red reset button, Ann. And something spectacular is coming on Christmas. What it is, I don’t know, but it’s coming…


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