Trump’s Gamble Is Ours, IF We Choose It

Dave at X22 Report is, when I think about it, the one digital soldier journalist whom I take very seriously, every single day (except Saturday, his day off). Dave has what to me feels like a continuously uncanny recognition of the deeper meaning of daily events, with a perspective that is relentlessly optimistic. I imagine some people fault him for this; I applaud him.

Dark Winter, Dark Secrets, Biden Investigation Begins, Crimes Against Humanity – Episode 2310

Let’s face it: humanity has reached a critical choice point, between optimism — that no matter what appears to be happening, in the long run we will see that it was all part of an elaborately conceived, brilliant and complex long term design, as Q puts it, a “PLAN,” for good; — and pessimism — that everything is going to hell; that no one can stop it, and in fact, those who pretend to be “on our side,” who pretend to be “good,” “white hats,” etc., are actually also “evil,” “black hats.”

Both optimists and pessimists sense that there is an invisible monster determined to destroy our individual freedoms, corral us all into a mind-controlled trap called “FEAR” (False Evidence Appearing Real). Furthermore, the monster, which used to get its way by starting war after war after war, no longer needs to. Instead, use the medical mafia to control the sheeple via wave after wave of pandemics. Wow! Works really well! Even better than constant war to devastate hope, destroy livelihoods, shut down people to each other’s company, and make everybody terrified — of even their own bodies!

So, with the election coming up, does it really matter who wins? The pessimists would say no. That no matter who wins, the New World Order is well on its way to locking down total global control.

I choose, instead, the path of optimism. I choose to see President Donald J. Trump as the figurehead for what is fast becoming a global movement to shift the entire economic, cultural, and spiritual landscape, via his Uranus/Sun nature as a true wild card. Already viewed across the nations as a seemingly superhuman and already historically significant figure, a genuine colossus, I choose to see him and our global movement, as not identified with either wing of the monstrous bird, but instead determined to haul that deep state bird down from the sky where it has been darkening the lives of both Americans and the rest of humanity for who knows how many decades, if not centuries.

Not that Trump is a “saint.” Who is? But he’s showing himself to be the person needed to turn the tide during this critical juncture in human history; a (divinely?) chosen one who, via continuous disruption of the status quo, and a complex, long-term, multidimensional, strategic global chess game, can and will, with our help, by first disgorging and revealing the misery and corruption of the past, go on to reconfigure the future in the direction that will heal both relationships with each other and humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth.

As for the latter, you might want to save your scoffing. Lookee here!

And: please realize: which one wins, optimism or pessimism, depends upon how many of us choose optimism. Unless we are solidly not just viewing, but also individually and in cooperation working towards the good of all, we all lose.

It’s that simple.

It’s that stark.


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5 Responses to Trump’s Gamble Is Ours, IF We Choose It

  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    No contest. I’m with you. I choose optimism. Doesnt mean we are out of touch with reality, it simply means we choose to work for what we want. and to be what we want despite what our senses may be telling us. Love your blog. Thank you

  2. Interesting post. I too value X22 and listen to it regularly, not because I agree with what Dave is saying (and let’s be clear, his ads are all about preparing for the worst and he often talks about BLM and antifa in blanket negative terms which are just not objectively true) but because he is a great broadcaster and – to your point – an awesome analyst of current events. The real issue I have with the Q outlets is how little independent research anyone actually does on the claims. But that’s another issue.

    As for Trump. Look I think we need to be very careful about ascribing to him any kind of savior status. He has propagated very tough and I wouldn’t say optimistic narratives on immigrants. He regularly attacks anyone who opposes him with extreme negativity. But again that said, I have personal experience in researching and profiling what has now become called the ‘deep state’. And admittedly, when I watch Trump there is a positive vibration that is emitting. It’s hard to reconcile with his past and present persona. But I agree, there could be something super natural here. If so I’m all for it.

    But also please remember, Donald had to make public alliances with the far right folks – not optimists !! – to protect him in what he is proposing to do. At least that is the optimistic way of explaining these alliances. And those are dangerous bedfellows who would not blink before hurting any of the well intentioned spiritualists who are gathering to this point it view. Well stated Ann.

    Either way, my message is don’t put hope in personas who project at the figurehead of the spectacle. The change is happening. And there are forces which would like to channel our energy and contain it in the illusion.


  3. Stan says:

    Thoughtful blog here, Ann. I, too, like and follow Dave at X22 Report. He is repetitive, but then some things take time to change; and his ‘positive’ tone is helpful, amongst all the gloom. It feels as though he has some inside info to all that is going on. In any event, I feel that he is right to support Pres. Trump IN all that is going on. As you indicate, Trump is no saint. But like the Founding Fathers of this extremely important country: Yes, they were men of their times. But of all time, too. We need to support this Process. Things could go good or bad. Trump, for all his personal faults, is one of the Good Guys in this matter. He didn’t have to do this business, of helping the country out politically at a time of great need. Best wishes to him in this endeavor, of helping this country live up its potential, against some very dark forces.

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