Tonight's Super Harvest Full Moon feels both "ominous" and/or "healing," depending . . .

u-Q_BNZvj9W0HcYQH4wU014Ai1uWM9oz2BBvOpEc8TQWhy do I say it feels ominous? Because tonight’s Full Moon, exact at 9:38 pm EST, falls on the exact position occupied by the Uranus/Pluto conjunction way back in 1965-66, 16-17° Virgo, which, at that time was opposite Saturn, sitting then in Pisces. A brand new cycle in the zeitgeist began then, and was triggered into fuller manifestation starting in 2008 through 2015, with the Uranus/Pluto square of which I and other astrologers have written exhaustively ever since. Clearly, that 1965-66 conjunction of nearly 40 years ago had an enormous impact on our society, with the music from the fabled ’60s continuing to thrum through the ears and hearts of each new generation since then.

It’s really quite amazing when you think about it. I was born in the early 1940s, but did the music and the myths of the times 40 years earlier affect me or my peers? No, that time was dead and gone. But the ’60s, for some magical, mysterious reason, live on still, that rock ‘n roll Pied Piper drumbeat magnetizing all who follow behind.

So, yes, heads’ up! The original energetic signature of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction is due to be triggered this evening, to possibly spell out its meaning on the world stage in events over the next few days. Not surprisingly, this Super Full Moon is also near the 13th anniversary of 9/11. And there’s plenty of fear-mongering going on about what that date is to bring by way of false flags this year. See, for example:

Okay, okay. So I personally decided NOT to fly on 9/11 this year, electing to fly on 9/10 instead, to Seattle, for my Mom’s funeral. My son Sean, however, will fly to Seattle from Boston, on the 11th. “Hmm. He wondered. Is that why this flight was so cheap?” ($500, the flight secured only days before the flight? Yes. Cheap.)

9/9/14, which begins less than three hours after the Full Moon, with its repeated numbers, also feels “ominous,” the “9” adding its note of “finality,” as in “end of a cycle.” Hmmm. Hey! Maybe it’s the end of the cycle of deception regarding 9/11, what really happened, as we head into the 13th anniversary? Could this Full Moon be the dirty bomb that drops? An intellectual, emotional, spiritual bomb, one that blows wide open to publically and loudly expose all the perfidious deeds the shadow government has proven itself to be capable of, over and over again, ever since — and of course, way before that, since (in my memory) at least the Vietnam War, which began during that Uranus/Pluto conjunction with a totally false, false flag that we didn’t recognize, so blind were we back then to the nature of power in our government and its relationship to those who would rule from behind the scenes. Who among us is still blind?

For a contemplation of evil, see this post, a potent compendium and wake-up call:

Why do I also call this Full Moon “healing”? Because the Moon, in Pisces, conjuncts Chiron, which signifies both the wound and the healing of the wound.

A look at the Sabian symbols for this Full Moon is instructive:

Virgo 17: “A volcano in eruption.”

Pisces 17: “An Easter promenade.”

Rather than contracting in fear of one more gawd-awful violent event that rips through the fabric of creation, let’s all together open our hearts and call into manifestion an explosion of creativity, wave after wave of Easterly resurrection, regeneration, resilience — as we human beings rise individually and all together, to assume the mantle of our full power and beauty.

P.S. Note in the Full Moon chart that both Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are sextile and trine the two ends of this opposition, pulling them together in harmony. The incisive analysis of Virgo (of what has gone so very wrong) aligns with the sacred, mystical oneness of Pisces.



It is done.

So be it.





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2 Responses to Tonight's Super Harvest Full Moon feels both "ominous" and/or "healing," depending . . .

  1. A dimensional Earth shift on 12.21.12 to a ‘positive timeline’ explains the unmasking of extreme deception and assault on life world-wide. Imagine it this way. Earth changed lanes from negative to positive on the Cosmic Highway compelling each of us to replace negative thoughts and feelings with expanded awareness, cooperation, and heart centered corrective action. Divine intervention perhaps?

    The human brain is a powerful filter that interprets reality as we ‘perceive’ it to be, not necessarily as it is. Knowing how the brain works compels us to check the facts, upgrade limiting perceptions, and replace separation with unity consensus to advance a coherent new world coming toward us.

    What we focus on will find us! Please share this information widely to strengthen a new positive Earth timeline. Be sure to inform men and women stuck in the outdated dark matrix formula that is no longer effective. You never know. They may feel relief and even thank you. Doreen

    ‘Create a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram’ by Alfred Weber.

    How to create a platform for humanity on Earth to awaken and thrive along the scientific reality of our new collective positive timeline and more at

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    We shall be the love that illuminates the darkness, the shelter from the storm. We are here to save the world and we will not cave to the pressure that builds around us. We shall complete our difficult journey successfully! Peace to you Ann.Thanks…VK

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