TODAY! New Moon Libra illumines and RE-IGNITES Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto behemoth

Note: see my posts of past few days for more on Sun in Libra and how it is affecting the Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto square.

“Re-ignites”? Maybe I should have said “adds more fuel to the already raging fire.” In any case, New Moon positioned at 23°55 Libra, at 3:30 pm, Washington, D.C.:  even one totally unschooled in how astrological configurations mirror events on earth will be able to SEE today’s strong T-cross triangle connecting Sun/Moon with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, with Mars.


Oh, and how could I keep forgetting to note that Mars Rx, now at 20° Aries, is also conjunct both Eris (the discontented goddess) at 24° Aries and Lilith (unlike submissive Eve, therefore a “bad girl”) at 26° Aries?

Remember: Libra, where this New Moon potentiates even more warrior (Mars) energy directed towards breaking up the swampy Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn “Deep State” unelected bureaucracy that has called the shots for decades.

What rules Libra? VENUS. Venus, goddess of personal love. Notice the divine feminine on stage during this critical period in human his-story: Amy Coney Barrett, Chanel Rion, Kayleigh McEnemy, for starters.

Let’s add one more, the beautiful, refined, elegant Melania Trump, who came out and stated, clearly, that she preferred a more natural approach to her illness when her “positive test” alerted her to Covid-19: “I chose to go a more natural route, in terms of medicine, opting for vitamins and natural food.”

Hey, and notice, just this morning, one of those very expensive therapeutics given to President Trump falls flat:

Contrast the divine feminine by the way, with the toxic “feminine” represented in all sorts of places (Pelosi and HRC for starters), but last night’s attempted excoriation of President Trump by an NBC “journalist” Savannah Guthrie took the cake. Another divine feminine twitter person —

called her a “clone archon.” Perfect! And there’s always the droll troll James Woods, who is (probably only briefly) back on twitter.

The takeaway from all this? New Moon. New Beginnings, a new lunar cycle, designed to take us clear on through the November 3rd election. New Moon in Libra, where the scales of justice are balanced, positioned to precisely light up the huge Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium that continues to dominate this year, and adding fuel to the fire of Mars as it continues to square those three with unrelenting intensity.

Oops! One more thing: Mercury turned to go retrograde for three weeks starting two days ago, on October 14, about when the trickle of declass turned into a flood. We’re going to be digging deep for the next three weeks, into what happened in the past. Without that knowledge, what changed future would be possible?

And wouldn’t you know: Mercury turns to go direct November 3, election day. Another strange instance of seeming “divine timing” during this turning point year 2020.

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