Those dead or disappeared doctors, and why? Plus more on “nagalase.”

I listened to a video that’s going the rounds, and seemed to make a lot of sense at the time

— until I accidentally came across this snopes article, which claims to have researched further. Snopes points out that only the first doctor, James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was under investigation by the FDA. Furthermore, the others were not “holistic.”

Five Holistic Doctors Dead


So while Bradstreet died of an apparently self-inflicted wound under increasing FDA heat (and following a recent raid), none of the other doctors subsequently tacked on to conspiracies regarding his death led similar lives. Of the four missing doctors, one was elderly and retired, and three vanished in Mexico (where they lived and worked). Dr. Holt’s passing was a shock to many, but autopsy results are pending. Dr. Hedendal was 67 and passed away after a day of strenuous physical activity (presumably of natural causes). The murder of Dr. Sievers remains unsolved but was unlikely to have been carried out by high-level hitmen. Dr. Riley’s husband (implicated in a similar shooting in 2010) was charged in connection with her suspicious death.

Folks who deeply distrust medicine and science might take the list’s assertions as plausible, but under the slightest scrutiny its claims disintegrate. Given the breadth of fields in which these individuals practiced (e.g., chiropracty, obstetrics, ophthalmology), millions of Americans could conceivably be counted among their ranks. Even if all the deaths and disappearances were suspicious (which most of them appeared not to be), five people out of millions is a very small percentage.


Then I read through an article about the apparently evil enzyme called “nagalase” mentioned in the video. Frankly, “nagalase” reminds me of a psychopathic drone: precisely targeted, with no empathy. And yet its detectable presence is a precursor to cancer or viruses, which might help people use natural ways of healing rather than allopathic poisons or torture.

Read the entire article. It’s worth it.

Nagalase: Friend and Foe?

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3 Responses to Those dead or disappeared doctors, and why? Plus more on “nagalase.”

  1. Michel C. says:

    Anyone believing ANYTHING SNOPES puts out, has no credibility. SNOPES is run by 2 leftists who pretty much slant everything their way…whether right or wrong…and mostly wrong

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. I published this back in 2016, before I wised up. On the other hand, it contains ideas worth pondering.

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