This week’s astrology features Sun/Jupiter, Galactic Center, and Summer Solstice: EXPAND TO GREET THE LIGHT!

Laura Bruno points to astrologer Zoe Hind, for a good, comprehensive assessment of this week’s big energies, and they are big, dominated by giant Jupiter at 28° Gemini, which just happens to now sit across the sky from the 27° Sagittarius Galactic Center, as it awaits the Sun, which six months past that Day of all Days, Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 (the one when we all thought the world would end or begin or both), reaches it by conjunction. The exact Jupiter/Sun conjunction hits tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th, only three days prior to this year’s Summer Solstice, when the Sun reaches its zenith at 0° Cancer and stops, to turn once again, towards the dark. That’s Saturday, June 21st, 1:04 AM EDT, 5:04 AM UDT. The Summer Solstice, in turn, is followed by Sunday’s Full Moon in Capricorn, at 2°10 Cancer/Capricorn.

Here’s Jean Hudon’s wonderful global meditation for the Summer Solstice.

Since I’m directly hit by this 27-28° Gemini Jupiter/Sun combo (my Sun at 27° Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center), I’ll tell you what’s going on for me: an enormous increase in capacity to “hold open space,” both internal and external. A recognition that when I “close space,” which means, when I become impatient, controlling, judgmental, think I know what’s best and how to get there, think I know or should know what’s going on at all times, that’s my big EGO talkin’. Right now I’m acutely aware, perhaps for the first time this powerfully and experientially, of the qualitative difference between EGO (closed mind) and ESSENCE (open space). And I find myself switching from one to the other, seemingly nanosecond by by nanosecond. Just as Francis Tiso mentioned during the weekend weekend, I am experiencing a continuous rapid oscillation between samsara (ego) to nirvana (essence) Whenever ego closes in, essence seems to be right behind, noticing, aware, letting go.

What a perfect time for me to have been nudged internally to attend that retreat! Grateful.

Also, re: the Zoe Hind analysis: she speaks of an ongoing grand trine in water which, though periodically true from May through August, I’d say is “more true” during certain times. The backbone of this grand trine is the trine between Saturn and Neptune, which went exact on June 12th at 5°22 of Scorpio/Pisces, and will remain in aspect until the end of the summer. What does this signify? It’s a rare opportunity to ground (Saturn) spiritual energy (Neptune), to give form (Saturn) to the ineffable (Neptune), to discipline (Saturn) one’s tendency to addictive behavior (Neptune), to see reality (Saturn) through the veil of illusion (Neptune), to empathize (Neptune) with those who feel disconnected (Saturn). And so on. Form (Saturn) harmoniously combines with that which is beyond form (Neptune).

Then, when transitting planets trine both of these points, creating that grand trine equidistant triangle, the formation becomes extremely steady and stabilized. That’s about to happen in a big way when Jupiter moves into Cancer, June 25th, and closes in on the Saturn/Neptune trine, which it will do the last half of July, and hold steady all through August.

Hopefully the second half of July will initiate a renaissance of family feeling — in our own families, our communities, our species, and our family bonds with our brothers and sisters of other species, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial. We are, truly, all one. And if we take advantage of this aspect pattern, we will indeed, even if but for one “brief and shining moment” imprint on this template as a blessing that showers its grace upon us and leaves a lingering memory, a taste, a recognition, that we can go there, or rather, HERE, NOW, PRESENT, no matter what Uranus/Pluto turbulence still lies ahead.

Zoe Hind ~ Astrology Report 17-23 June 2013

June 17, 2013

by Joe Hind

via Laura Bruno

Zoe Hind gives some lovely insights into this week’s energies, as we prepare ourselves for Jupiter and the Sun meeting in Gemini on Wednesday, Venus and Mercury in Cancer on Thursday, Summer Solstice celebrations from Friday through Monday, and the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday. Zoe also contextualizes the past year and going forward. “Can you become the master of your feelings?” “Is that really your feeling that you’re feeling?” “Feel the support, the security that you have … know how far you’ve come.”

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