This Latest Mideast "War": Two Davids talk about Goliath



David Mizner analyzes “what’s really going on in the Middle East” re: U.S. Empire’s multiple self-serving motives.

A War for Power

The “war on terrorism” is a farce. But unless we stop them, US elites will carry it on forever.


David Swanson shows us the non-violent way through, should We the People insist Empire dissolve and/or transform into a template for nourishing the interbeing of Earth and Earthlings.

The New War, The Forever War, and a World Beyond War


Nonviolent alternatives to war are abundant, morally superior, and strategically more effective. Some but not all are: apologies for past actions; arms embargoes; a Marshall Plan of restitution for the Middle East; meaningful diplomacy; appropriate conflict resolution responses to terrorism; addressing the immediate crisis with humanitarian intervention; redirecting our energies at home; supporting peace journalism; working through the United Nations; and de-authorizing the war on terror.

No solution by itself will bring peace to the region. Many solutions together can create a strong web of peacebuilding fabric superior to continued war. We cannot expect to make all of the above happen immediately. But by working toward those ends we can achieve the best results as quickly and as lastingly as possible.




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