The TTP and the TTIP: “Legally” Locking in the Corporate Takeover of Earth’s Resources

While we merrily spin our small, grounded local webs, meanwhile the malicious matrix is “taking it to the next level,” spinning its own devious, nefarious, secret, global financial web to”legally” bypass the interests of nation states as it siphons what remains of Earth’s resources to fill the bloated coffers of the .00001%.

And when all the “goods” are have been used up or destroyed, then what?

How, by any measure, could global corporate rape be GOOD?

1TPPCoup-02015_04_25_11_09_06-0Ellen Brown:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

Eric Zuesse:

What’s Obama Up To, with this TTP and TTIP?

Update, 4/27/15: And check out this article, it’s very title glaring from the page:

The TPP: Toward Absolutist Capitalism

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