The man who left money behind and lives in desert caves

This video encapsulates both what the problem is and one way of stepping aside from it. To the remark that “if everybody did it, his way of life wouldn’t work,” Daniel Suelo responds: “We can cultivate freely giving and freely receiving, no matter what station of life that we’re in. That’s our true nature, and it belongs to everybody.”

BTW: An email came to the bloomington permaculture guild list the other day stating that a gift circle is now starting up in Indianapolis. YES! See this for ours. Thanks to for the pointer.

For a less radical approach, barter! Greeks are starting to do just that. For example, the town of Volos.

Gifting is radical because it doesn’t keep track. Instead, each of us freely expresses the fullness of our nature and nature returns the favor from every direction, including from other humans, likewise freely expressing . . .

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  1. isis2012 says:

    Though this is an extreme … and many wouldn’t or couldn’t give it up like this precious soul … at the least we’re finally getting it ….

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